Natasha Banky announces the launch of her upcoming keto recipe book: Keto Brunches

Natasha Banky proudly announced the launch of her upcoming keto recipe book. The book will be launched on the 15th of August 2018. The book explains how the keto diet can be used to improve health. Readers discover tips to loseweight and body fat, as well as increase energy. Keto is a low carb moderate protein and high-fat diet that works by depriving your body of carbohydrates. Within a week of adopting keto eating habits, your body will adapt to metabolizing fats instead of carbohydrates.

Your body reaches a state called ‘ketosis,’ and begins burning body fat which creates more physical energy than that gained from consuming carbs.  Latest research shows that physicians are also recommending keto diets for patients suffering from digestion-related conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Furthermore, switching to a low carb diet can reduce acne and skin inflammation.

“In the spring of 2018, I decided that I wanted to learn more about nutrition, and began to look at some of the well-known diets, including Paleo, Whole30, and Ketogenic options popular in the United States. The more I learned from researching the keto diet, the more I realized that my high carb diet was responsible for my under-performing body”, said Natasha, while discussing how she discovered the keto diet. “But my journey didn’t stop there. I decided to compile my favorite keto recipes and put them together to create a small introduction to keto meals for people like myself who just need to get started. I want to show people, perhaps stubborn ones like myself, that taking even a few basic steps to improve their health can make a huge difference to their mood and productivity. My determination to get healthier and develop more energy is what got me interested in nutrition and the keto diet,” she added.

Natasha Banky, the author of Keto Brunches

Keto Brunches (digital format) is available for purchase through this link

Keto’s low carbohydrate eating habits lower blood-sugar levels. For pre-diabetic people and Type II diabetes sufferers, keto foods can prevent and manage diabetes more effectively. Ketones trigger the release of BDNF, the molecule that builds and strengthens neurons and neural connections in human brains which is responsible for learning. Ketone production is used to battle brain diseases like dementia and treat patients with extreme epilepsy. Epilepsy patients on the Keto diet can retain excellent control of their condition while requiring fewer medications.

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Natasha Banky is a fairly healthy, 38-year-old writer, entrepreneur, and English Language teacher. Her lifestyle became more sedentary as she grew older and begun to lack energy. As a single person cooking for one, she struggled to cook well for herself, and this affected her health. Her determination to get healthier and develop more energy is what got her interested in nutrition and the keto diet.

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