Where to get the best CPAP Machines for sleep apnea condition

If you are looking for the perfect place to purchase a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine then look no further. At CPAP Pal, we provide high-quality, durable and reliable products geared toward providing excellent services to our customers. We have diverse CPAP machines to suit everyone’s needs. We always strive to offer comfortable and quality treatment products at an affordable price.

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A typical CPAP machine is a small box containing a motorized fan inside. The major purpose of this fan is to draw from the room, pressurize it gently and then deliver at the specified settings. It also contains a filter to sieve any dust particles or other impurities in the air.

A hose is attached to the machine for connecting the box and the mask. It is usually a lightweight flexible tube that is heated to reduce condensation that might occur while using the humidifier.

You have probably heard about sleep apnea either through a friend or a relative. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder characterized by repeated starts and stops in breathing. Individuals who feel tired after an entire night sleep and snore loudly may have this critical condition. People who are faced by this condition use CPAP Machines for treating the obstructive sleeping disorders.

Sleep apnea can be categorized into three groups namely; central sleep apnea, mixed sleep apnea, and obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea accounts for 84% of the overall cases. In this condition, the victim’s upper airway is blocked resulting in sleeping problems. The blockage may be due to large tonsils, excess adipose tissue, and congenital structural deviations.

Central sleep apnea accounts for 1% and is caused by the failure of the brain to manage to breathe hence leading to breathing pause. This condition is rampant to brain stroke victims. On the other hand, mixed sleep apnea accounts for 15% of the asphyxiation conditions.

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