The OPP Open WiFi Product Range

We have developed our system for businesses, residential areas and on the move with our mobile app. WiFi hosts simply plug in our router to their existing internet router, power it up and that’s it.

Our Hotspot box will simply create a gateway to the internet which is accessible via social media logins or registration form.

Home Router

Residential Router – Live and already in use – For residential areas, easy to install, just attach to your existing broadband router. This router has a range of 25 metres. Once plugged in guest users will be able to choose OPP Open WiFi. The advertising space will be shared with our advertising partners and the OPP Open WiFI app.

Business Router

Business Router – live and already in use – Ideal for restaurants, hotels or any retail / leisure venue. It can be used with multiple access points for greater coverage. This is preconfigured and only needs to be plugged into the existing broadband router. An OPP Open WiFi SSID will be visible to guests. The login page is shared for venue branding and the advertising of the OPP Open WiFi app.

Access Point / Router

Access Point / Router – live and already in use – Can be used as a standalone router or with the business router for greater coverage of WiFi signal. Can also be wall or ceiling mounted.

The OPP Open WiFi Product Range

OPP Open WIFi app is in development and will be launched in September. The app will share WiFi. Hosts will be able to decide how much data to share from their monthly allowance from their control panel. They will also be able to choose to receive push notifications. Guests will have easy access to the internet, we will share advertising space with our partners and the OPP Open WiFi app.

The OPP Open WiFi router uses its own IP address range protecting you from wifi users accessing your private network. All traffic is monitored and our server is configured to deny access to sites not approved by the Internet Watch Foundation.

Data usage (bandwidth) is limited through the OPP Open WiFi router, this can be adjusted through an online portal giving the Hotspot Host the ability to adjust the amount of time and amount of data shared.

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