Service and Repair on RV’s and Trailers

When looking for a place to repair your RV there are several issues to keep in mind.  Whenever you need any repairs done, be sure to get several quotes on all repairs or services you require.  Be sure to call the insurance company and inquire about the type of services that are covered under your policy.

You need to ensure yourRV, travel trailer, and other towable equipment is serviced and managed by a professional facility.

Things to consider when looking for an RV/Trailer repair business

It is imperative you assess whether or not the repairs can be completed in a timely manner.  You should also verify the repair shop has the experience required to fix the issues you are experiencing.  You need to inquire whether the repair shop offers discounts to repeat customers for oil changes and other RV maintenance.

Before going on a trip, ensure your RV/Trailer is road ready

Before taking the family on vacation in your RV or travel trailer,have it serviced to ensure it is road-ready.  You do not want to ruin the family vacation because of some routine maintenance that was avoided.  After having your RV serviced you will be able to drive your RV across the entire country without any problems. That way you will have confidence your family is safe and secure the entire trip.

RV maintenance tips to help you avoid costly repairs

  • The first tip is fairly easy – keep the roof of your RV covered to protect it from the outdoor elements. Replacing the roof of your RV can be quite expensive. By taking this small tip into consideration, you can avoid a very costly repair.
  • Run the generator a few hours each month to keep the gasoline flowing properly.  Allowing gasoline to sit too long can break it down and cause serious harm to the engine of your RV.  Starting up the generator a few hours each month can prevent costly repairs to the carburetor of your RV engine. 
  • Check the seals on your RV windows, doors, and roof.  If seals are not checked routinely, they can start to breakdown. This breakdown allows liquid to get through leading to the formation of mold and water damage resulting in costly replacement.
  • Keep the vents on your RV or trailer open.  Temperatures during summer months can cause the interior of your RV or trailer to get up to 130 degrees.  Excessive heat can result in deterioration of the interior of your RV.  This interior damage can be avoided by simply opening the vents and allowing excess heat to be released. 
  • The last tip is to keep all your slide out rails lubricated. 

If you are planning a family vacation, and you live in Myrtle Beach area, give the professionals at Fleet Specialties a call.  They can have your RV or trailer serviced so you avoid any costly repairs that can ruin your vacation. 

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