CPAP Machines End Bedroom Banishment As Partners Sleep Together Nightly

Though no one knows how many sleeping partners are on couches the world over, the chances are good that it is considerable. Most times, the partner banished to the spare bedroom shakes his head in wonderment? “Why was I sent out?” It’s a common theme.

Snoring With A Vengeance

The reason, in most cases, is simple, the partner has been snoring with a vengeance. The reason for the snoring is sleep apnea. It is a condition where a sleeper stops sleeping for a moment or two and then resumes sleeping, usually with a bit of enthusiasm.

Of course, the sleeping partner is usually awakened rather joltingly from a sound sleep. At this point, the sleeper, who has been surprised by this episode of sleep apnea, shakes the sleep away momentarily and the banishment begins as the bedmate reacts with a bit of shock.

Solution For the Nightly Cycle

There’s a solution for this nightly cycle – for some couples – and it is a CPAP machine. The significant discoveries and the spread of this technology began about 15 years ago. The research had been going on for years when the fruits of that labor camp onto the market about 2003. Researchers had found two occurrences in any sleep apnea experience. They were:

1. When a sleeper with apnea had an episode, there two more results. The first was that negative pressure would awaken the sleeper with the apnea. The second was that the negative pressure in the airway – and apnea – could be reversed by a flow of positive air pressure.

2. The second overall result was the sleep mask. Manufacturers determined that a mask was easy to build. Soon, they were available across the country as CPAP became the solution to sleep apnea.

Though the breakthrough had occurred, there was a drawback, CPAP masks tended to be bulky and heavy for their size. They were tolerable to wear but not for too long. So, even though the solution was there a decade-and-a-half ago, many abandoned it nearly as soon as it began. One result of this was a renewal of bedroom banishment.

Of course, research and development continued so that CPAP machines soon began to change. For one thing, they became much lighter with each new generation. Today’s bedside sleep apnea machine is probably one-fifth of the weight of an original. And, its mask, though similar to the unique device, has been designed to encourage much broader use.

Today’s CPAP Machines Sport Changes

For example, today’s CPAP machine, whose still provides a positive air flow to end sleep apnea, uses a mask the is much lighter. Indeed, there are CPAP machines today that, instead of using a formal mask, only cover a user’s nose and mouth. They are far more convenient and comfortable.

Indeed, the latter type of mask also helps an apnea sufferer’s partner accept the therapeutic machine. It is true that many partners allow a CPAP with little trouble. However, there are some that believe in problems with their partner’s CPAP. If so, the small nose and mouth style mask is just what is needed to keep things happier in the bedroom.

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