Ilum Coin, the only cryptocurrency mined with the video card and static wallet launches their ICO

Ilum Coin is the only cryptocurrency in the market which is mined with the video card and static wallet. It is also backed by PoS and PoW. Ilum has announced the launch of their official ICO on August 14th which will go until October 12th to offer the ILM token at an exchange rate of 1 ILM=1.30 USD. The Ilum Coin is a part of the Ilum ecosystem which provides a platform for the traders to buy and sell shares.

ILM enables the exchange users to cut off their transaction costs by 50%. The user don’t need to spend huge electricity bills on mining or using a traditional bank to use the Ilum coin. They can easily store the ILM coin inside the E-wallet and use it to purchase goods and services from other users on the blockchain. To make sure the value of Ilum Coin rises in future, the team of Ilum has designed a long-term plan that includes setting up over 1000 points of sale of electronic recharges where the user can spend their ILM coin.

Ilum POS allows both customers and merchants to pay and accept the Ilum Coin over the counter in an easy, efficient and secure manner. This is one of the perks of the digital currency that it makes payment processes as easy as entering the sales amount. The Ilum Crypto Debit Card is another component of the ecosystem that enables the users to make payments or withdrawals across the globe. It is a secure, flexible and credible way of payment that makes it easier for the user to make transactions from anywhere in the world.

Since Ilum Coin is uniquely mined with the video card and static wallet, it comes with both short and long-term stability. The Ilum Coin holders will not only benefit from a horizontal distribution between holders for the day to day transactions but also the vertical benefit of a solid, pre-determined growth built-in. In addition, the ILM coin is based on the Ethereum platform, making it compatible with third-party services, wallets, and exchanges.

A total number of 4,680,000 ILM will be available for sale through the ongoing ICO and the users have the option to pay in ETH, BTC or LTC to purchase ILM. More information about the platform and the ongoing ICO can be found at

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