APICMO on Being a Leading Supplier of Pharmaceutical Custom Synthesis and Contract R&D

APICMO is proud to be a leader in the pharmaceutical custom synthesis and contract R&D in China’s pharmaceutical intermediates industry. With a team of experts on research and development, the company offers the highest quality tumor/cancer key API. Furthermore, the company specializes in many services such as mass production for CMO and CDMO orders.

For APICMO, there is great importance in protecting its customers’ intellectual property. Besides a leading source of the highest quality API for new drugs, the companies focus is on ensuring customers are safe. On that note, the company features a notable strong intellectual property protection system.  With this particular system, it’s able to establish a good track record in meeting customer expectations.

The customer base of APICMO is extensive, ranging from small biopharmaceutical companies to international giants in the pharmaceutical company. It also has customers, including global drug research and development institutions. Moreover, it has partnerships with research institutes both in ICH developed countries and developing countries, such as India and China.

Regarding products and projects, APICMO’s offerings have been tested to be ideal for pre-clinical to commercial applications. The company was ISO 9001:2008 certified with all its business activities strictly complies with international quality management standards. With that, its customers are sure to acquire the highest quality cancer key API from APICMO.

The pharmaceutical company has excellent R&D capability. It’s capable of providing system development, mass production, synthetic customization, and other services intended for pharmaceutical companies and drug research and development institutions. More than that, APICMO takes pride in its team’s integrity with its members mostly coming from developed countries.

The primary goal of the company is to improve the CMO and CDMO processes. At the same time, it seeks to reduce customers’ costs. To do this, APICMO established a reliable and exceptional network that connects Chinese manufacturers in the country. This network will provide the manufacturers with cost-effective and efficient manufacturing and procurement services.

APICMO also has great innovations for improved service and quality products, including quality studies, stability studies, impurity studies, and process validation. These innovations help the company to assure customers that products meet the IND and NDA requirements. All of the company’s innovations and services help to provide clients with the best key intermediates for new drugs.

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