KoalaToken, the blockchain based payment solution is here to bring decentralization in the adult entertainment industry

KoalaToken is here to revolutionize the payment systems in the adult entertainment industry by using the power of blockchain technology. It is an all in one payment solution, based on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used to make both online and offline payments. Introducing decentralization in the payment processes of the adult entertainment industry would mean peer-to-peer transactions which will lead to more privacy and security of both the parties. KoalaToken will issue the KOA token which will serve as a primary payment source for all kinds of services in the adult industry.

KoalaToken has built a trusted payment solution for the Billion Dollar adult entertainment industry. It is a new kind of payment system in the market with an endless scope of improvement to resolve all kinds of issues that may exist in it. KoalaToken will also improve with the continuously improving blockchain technology. The use of this decentralized payment system with Koala coin will ensure trust, transparency, and security in the whole system.

KoalaToken will overcome the shortcomings of the traditional payment systems for the adult industry. All the payments done through the Koala Coin are anonymous and private and the user does not have to reveal themselves to anyone, unlike in the traditional ways of payment through credit/Visa/Master card. In addition, to not reveal themselves, the user won’t have to go through the hassle of paying through cash because they can simply use Koala coin to make payments anonymously. This way the user can enjoy all the services without revealing their identity.

KoalaToken is backed by the KoalaWallet, an open source, a client-side tool for generating Ethereum Wallets and sending transactions. It allows the user to generate new wallets and store Ether as well as send & receive KoalaToken on the wallet. KoalaToken is all set to organize their private sale on the 24th of August while the pre-sale will take place from 3rd of September, offering a 30% bonus for the next 15 days. More information about the platform and the upcoming ICO can be seen at koalatoken.io

In case of any queries, drop a message to webmaster@koalatoken.io

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