Zhu Yilon – Fortune always meets the people who work hard

Filming is a very enjoyable thing for Chinese actor Zhu Yilong. In this impetuous world, few people can settle down to create a role. Unlike other actors, even in the entertainment circle, Zhu Yilong never forgets his original intention insisting on himself, speaking elegantly, not contaminated with the noise of the entertainment circle, as bright as jade. After ten years of tempering, through different roles to precipitate his acting skills, he completely erased the part of his own “Zhu Yilong”. He can accurately grasp the characteristics of each role and ensure that the role is “no drama”.

Just like the previous filming of Safari, Zhu Yilong played a savage in the play with ugly style and few plays, but his performance was very distressing. Between the actor and the idol, Zhu Yilong has always stressed that he is an actor and his persistence in acting is the only belief he walks in the real entertainment circle. This is a rare phenomenon in this impetuous society. Now, how many young actors can really sink their hearts and specializes in their own work? How many  strengths can be matched with fame?

Zhu Yilong is worth being liked because he is clean, pure, simple and trustworthy. As fans describe him, “We like his sincerity to the world and his simplicity to human nature, in fact, because that’s what we yearn for, what we dream about every midnight and imagine ourselves out of reality.”

Time is long and slow, but time will always give gifts in the future and excellent actors will gradually improve their acting over time. After The Soul of the Town, Zhu Yilong’s new drama Mr. Your Life is Dreaming will be on the line. What kind of surprise will Zhu Yilong bring to the audience in the future? Let us look forward to his performance together.

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