Poverty was their past; Guo Jian Nan gave them a future.

The re-telling of Brother Guo Jian Nan, an ordinary man, who selflessly dedicated his life to poverty alleviation in a rural Chinese town.

Los Angeles, CA – August 17, 2018 –

An everyday hero, everybody’s dream – ordinary people as the real heroes.

Available on August 28th, TriCoast Entertainment will exclusively release emerging filmmaker, Zheng Hua’s inspiring biopic EVERYDAY HERO (aka Nan Ge, Southern Brothers) onto U.S. digital platforms to honor the true story of Brother Guo Jian Nan – the selfless individual who dedicated his life to alleviating poverty in the rural LiTan village.

EVERYDAY HERO “strives to be reduced to the ordinary people of the real heroes,” examined The Xinhua News Agency.

An everyday hero and everybody’s dream, EVERYDAY HERO recounts the story of Guo Jian Nan who left his occupation at Heavy Industries Group to journey to western Guangdong, to the rural and impoverished village of LiTan. Within nearly two years, Guo Jian Nan is able to develop infrastructure by rebuilding roads, fixing windows of broken schools, and installing tap water. He is able to revitalize the LiTan village by overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity for a better reality. Ultimately, Guo Jian Nan discovers the heartwarming villagers of LiTan, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime that would change the village forever.

But, as the town and people re-build, Guo Jian Nan’s health begins to deteriorate, suffering a sudden heart attack due to overwork. After spending a lifetime helping others, can Brother Guo Jian Nan help himself?

EVERYDAY HERO is “not a textbook model hero, but […a] very significant characteristic of ordinary people,” stated China Film Art Research Centre researcher, Huangpu Yichuan.

From the beginning, producer and self-starring Sun HongTao wanted to pay tribute to Guo Jian Nan, a true “former hero” from Guangdong grassroots culture. But after “in-depth interviews with Guo Jian Nan’s family, colleagues, friends, people were deeply moved, so [we tried] to tell a true story of ordinary person’s warm heart,” quoted The Xinhua News Agency.

EVERYDAY HERO “digs south of the Five Ridges’ natural style, life, culture [and] embodies the Cantonese and Guangdong film personality, to create a fresh ‘southern’ style, and therefore more profound, more touching,” stated Ming Zhen Jiang from China Film Producers Association.

Featuring by heartwarming actors, Ru Ping and Ai Liya, EVERYDAY HERO is supported by Guangdong Southern TV & Film Communication Co., China Film Group and several other Mainland Chinese investors. As the “forever Brother Nan” living in the LiTan villagers’ hearts, explore and discover the wondrous efforts of selflessness, dedication and adventure that change a village forever with TriCoast Entertainment’s exclusive U.S. release of EVERYDAY HERO, coming to online digital platforms August 28th.

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EVERYDAY HERO (2017, 91 min.) Directed by Zheng Hua. Produced by: Sun Hong Tao. Edited by: Ed Marx, Jeff Murphy. China, Chinese. Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd. TriCoast Worldwide, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd.

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