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“GrowPlastic is an elite plastic surgery marketing group hired only by top and brand new plastic surgeons to ensure they become the next Dr.Miami with marketing and consulting for the practice.”
GrowPlastic is an exclusive growth hacking company that has announced their soft launch after working privately for 6 elite celebrity plastic surgeons in the U.S. and Dubai. GrowPlastic Plastic surgery marketing is the first growth hacking agency to work with only board-certified plastic surgeons who are ready to learn how to start a plastic surgery clinic. GrowPlastic consults with the plastic surgeon for their marketing needs and delivers real results with very specific plastics-focused info.

GrowPlastic announced it’s soft launch last Sunday after working privately with 6 surgeons to establish proof-of-concept. Grow Plastic plans to present it’s growth hacking case studies GrowPlastic grew it’s first plastic surgeon to 1.6M impressions a week (7M a month) through viral hacking techniques that were all legal and ethical. It’s basis is on the fact that the group is a collaborative of former in-house plastic surgery marketers and expert growth hackers who understand the very components needed for patients to trust the surgeon. 

GrowPlastic does this by building a marketing wall involving 7 singular components which takes the company 1 month to implement for current surgeons and 6 months for rising plastic surgeons who need marketing.

The group is advised daily by plastic surgeons and many of the growth hackers are actually medical students in their 1st,2nd,and 4th year who have been taught the basic procedures in plastic surgery and are able to successfully execute content plans.

GrowPlastic is known to have exposed the growth hacking secrets of famous plastic surgeons which many assume but the company does not name due to privacy. Their aim is to take on noncompeting clients in all major cities to show them exactly how they can be fully booked as a plastic surgeon in a matter of months.

We are impressed with how quickly their company grew. Since their softlaunch Sunday, the company now has acquired 6 surgeons and are only available to market surgeons in LA, Beverly Hills, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Vancouver, and Toronto. Due to their advanced growth hacking investments; they believe only a few surgeons should apply the technqiues they implement as otherwise the new standard of plastic surgery marketing would come into play (something many surgeons are much to busy to start doing).

GrowPlastic requests that surgeons and marketing staff reach out to them with their marketing budget in mind to see if GrowPlastic is a good fit for them. GrowPlastic clients pay a wide range in number as some clients over 700+ surgeries while others have 60+ surgeries a year. Their goal is to take on surgeons with the best results and make them a higher quality version of Dr.Miami. They suggest skipping general marketing agencies and speaking directly with them to understand why their strategies are built to work.

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