FREE back-to-school head lice screenings in Washington Township. Contact South Jersey Lice Lady Head Lice Treatment Center in Turnersville New Jersey

South Jersey Lice Lady is a head lice treatment center with certified and experienced technicians that put children and parents at ease.

Turnersville, New Jersey – Owned and operated by Vickie O’Donnell (a Registered Nurse), South Jersey Lice Lady understands the trauma of having a lice infestation in the home. Theyguarantee an effective treatment, use non-toxic and pesticide free products and offer advice and education on avoiding head lice. They offer FREE seminars on self-treatment, prevention and lice awareness for schools and families. A FREE back to school head lice screening is scheduled for August 30th 2018. Space is limited so please call to schedule an appointment. Schools can receive FREE School Nurse to Parent: Lice Advice Brochures aimed at encouraging open communication regarding head lice prevention, treatment and awareness. To request a FREE sample, call the Washington Township Treatment Center at 856-282-2727.

Over the years, head lice have cleverly adapted to fit perfectly into our lives, especially our kids. Lice like to feed on human blood and they do so from the scalp, the hair shaft is the perfect place for eggs to be laid and incubated. Once hatched lice become a conundrum which traumatizes and disorganizes homes by taking kids out of school, and adults out of work. South Jersey Lice Lady is offering relief to families who reside in and around South Jersey. They can put an end to your lice miseries.

South Jersey Lice Lady has professional, friendly and certified technicians who will treat clients in their beautiful Washington Township treatment center or in the client’s home. The main goal is getting kids back in school and you back to work. They also provide a return to school letter for all children, flexible spending and health spending account claim form invoices for reimbursement and offer 30 days of support to address any concerns you may have post-treatment.

South Jersey Lice Lady offers a discount for NJFamilycare and Medicaid recipients as well as payment plans for those who qualify. Schools who send a referral during the school year will earn a FREE treatment for an under-privileged child to be redeemed during the current school year. They are also a registered vendor proudly providing services for the Division of Child Protection and Permanency. Every child deserves to be lice free and bully free.

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About Vickie O’Donnell BSN, RN PCCN Alumnus

Founder of South Jersey Lice Lady LLC, Vickie O’Donnell is a Registered Nurse who started the company after her own children had exposure to head lice.

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