Improving the Comfort of the Home Using SANSI LED Dimmable Bulbs

By Jake Ovenden

My Discovery

We’ve all been to other people’s houses sat in different rooms around the house and not felt comfortable. Is it the chair? Do I hate the color they chose to paint their walls? Is it the carpets? What is it in here that is making me feel so uncomfortable?

It was last week when I was sat in my friend’s kitchen I realized what it was that made me feel so uncomfortable. It wasn’t the color scheme (that I’m still not particularly keen on). It wasn’t the coffee they’d served me in cup straight from the dishwasher, with that funky dishwasher taste. It was the lights!

The bulb’s light was too bright and emitting off a color tip toeing on the border of whitish blue. In a word, the thing was blinding. While I drank my coffee in sips in order to increase the taste of the bean. I couldn’t help but think, does my home have these? Is my house painful to visit?   

So after finishing my funky coffee I rushed home to check to see if I’d been blinding my guests as well. It turned out I had been. I’m a monster. I’m not only guilty of affecting my guests time in my home. Most importantly, I’m guilty of affecting my own time in my home.


After discovering the terrible lighting in my home I decided to do some research. From my rudimentary research I discovered there were three types of lighting. General, Task and Accent. These were required to make my home a more optimal place to live so I went to seek out a bulb that could meet all of my home’s lightning needs.

LED Dimmable Bulbs

After finding out that I needed different types of lighting for different places in my home I thought it’s probably best to buy a bulb that can do them all. And this was when I came across dimmable bulbs. In the past I had heard rumors about them buzzing and flickering, which could become even more of a nuisance than my previous problem. However, I took the risk and discovered SANSI’s LED Dimmable Bulbs.

SANSI 27W & 22W LED Dimmable Bulbs

I looked through their website and saw their 27W & 22W Dimmable Bulbs. Their white hollow body and large round heads were Star Wars-esque. They resembled a spaceship or something from the future. I’m glad to say that their unique design and ceramic white body were not just there for aesthetic reasons. Their design and structure was performance based and this became apparent immediately when they were screwed in. 


I put the 27W dimmable bulb up in my kitchen and the 22W dimmable bulb on the table in my living room as a table lamp. Initially I turned them onto full brightness and their power was obvious right away. They were super bright, super-efficient and appeared long lasting. They were ideal additions to both my kitchen and my living room due to their adaptability. Their dimming range really came in handy for all times of the day. This is because they provided the correct light for the three types of light my home needed.

Home Uses

If I’m trying to do some extra work at home or the kids are trying to do their homework in the kitchen their bright beam can make them ideal for tasks. If we’re relaxing and watching a movie in the living room their low dim can really add an ambience to the room. And I began to notice at different ranges of their dim they added different dimensions to the rooms.

Satisfied Customer

Overall, in regards to the SANSI dimmable bulbs I’ve been more than satisfied. They’ve added dimensions to my home and given us more options in regards to night and day time lighting. Most importantly they’ve provided healthy light to my family that is making our home a much happier and comfy place.

If you are interested in looking more into their 27W or 22W Omni-directional dimmable bulbs head over to: 

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