Behind the Scenes and In Real Life Live Streaming explained by the StreamGeeks

“You\’ve seen it. The transition from Hollywood to Reality TV, and now daily vlogging. The importance of authentic live streaming has never been so important.”
Live streaming technology is great for content producers/brands but also the viewers. Because it such as win/win scenario, every social media platform is embracing the technology and incorporating into the fabric of the online experience. Brands, content producers and small businesses alike are seeing massive success. The beauty of behind the scenes and in real life content is that the authentic, off the cuff, presentation style…

Philadelphia, PA – This week the StreamGeeks explain the online phenomenon known as IRL (In Real Life) live streaming. The self-proclaimed “StreamGeeks” are a small team of video production professionals, who produced a show this week specifically on the industry-wide craze surrounding (IRL) In Real Life and (BTS) Behind the Scene video. The video that is now available on YouTube and Facebook review the digital marketing impact surrounding e-sports gaming on Twitch and vlogging videos on YouTube. 

“You’ve seen it. The transition from Hollywood, to Reality TV and now daily vlogging…” says Chief Streaming Officer for the StreamGeeks, Paul Richards. “The importance of authentic live streaming has never been so important.” Richards and his Co-Host Tess Protesto, discuss the shift in traditional news delivery and consumer habits in their blog post here and podcast available on iTunes here

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Creating engaging content can be the difference between having a viewer share, like or subscribe with your content and simply watching and leaving. When it comes to creating content for our brands and our businesses generally the goal is to create something that provides value and is shareable. Sure we can provide value, which is an honest and important part of the content creation process, but if nobody is sharing your content or subscribing, you are missing out on a big part of the leverage social media provides.

Simply asking for your viewers to subscribe, like and share will certainly help and it does wonders for creators and brands who are not even taking that important step. But bringing your audience behind the scenes and connecting with them “In Real Life” is essentially the latest trend of authentic communication. Not only is the communication scalable with the potential to go viral at any time, but it is unique and personal. In our podcast, we explain the feeling when you hear your favorite creator answer your question and address you by name.

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