When Education Takes Students Overseas for International Learning

All of us are born with dreams, with passions, and a desire to go out into the world and make our mark. But not all marks are the same, not all paths are equal, and they don’t all end up in the same place, so how do we find our way? 

For most of us, school is where we start our down our paths. We acquire our skills as children and build on them as young adults until we get to that place where there is no more our schools can offer us, and we must go out and make our own way, find our own path, and take that next step into higher education. 

Sometimes that path leads us not just to new schools, but to new countries as well, and that can be an added stress and emotional burden when it comes to taking those next steps and applying for colleges. How do we start this process? Do we have the proficiency and scores to get accepted? 

Fortunately, there is many tips and tools to help us answer these questions and unearth our path, if we know where to look for them. First off, do research. Which schools fit our needs? Look for a schools’ academic programs and majors, as well as its location and the overall cost of attending. Start doing research early to get ahead of the game. Then check out EduBookings.

Next is taking the SAT. This is a test that will give us a score that colleges look at to see how proficient of a student we are and can place us accordingly. The Office of Overseas Schools website has links to a lot of useful information on the SAT including fees, what subjects will be on the test, anticipated testing dates and locations, as well as a portal for registering for the SAT. 

With the SAT taken care of, we need to research admissions requirements. These can include taking some kind of English proficiency test, writing a motivational letter describing why we want to attend and writing an application essay. Different schools have different requirements, so some research is needed. 

If all of this is confusing or overwhelming, it is time to bring in some help. A quick online search can reveal helpful sites like EduBookings, which has partners in over 45 colleges in the United States, as well as a detailed and interactive search tool. With this tool, we can search schools that perfectly fit our desired programs, qualifications and needs, which is like having our own personal student advisor to help us along the way. 

When it comes to our life plans and dreams, we don’t want to compromise. When it comes to the education that will get us where we want to go, we won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. And with a little help along the way, we won’t have to. We were born with dreams and plans, and with the tools, we have at our fingertips, we have the support and freedom to go anywhere. Where will your educational path take you today?

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