The 2018 Analysis Report of Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency Investment Organization, Grayscale Investment has recently announced its first cryptocurrency investment report, has showed that most investments came from the investors of the organization and Bitcoin remained the master of the investment.

Grayscale, as the subsidiary company of the world largest cryptocurrency investment group, Digital Currency Group (DGC), has been the keyrole in cryptocurrency investment for 5 years, that has launched Bitcoin (BTC) Investment Trust in September 2013, which then expanded to other individual asset fund and leveraging investment products, including Ethereum Classic (ETH), ZCash, Litecoin (LTC), etc., especially those flagship giant trust funds.

Going through the madness of 2017, the cryptocurrency market has cooled down for the 1st half of 2018; however the strong and advanced new technologies keep sailing smoothly on the red fiery sea. Next is the performance summary of the 1st half of 2018 cryptocurrency result, stipulated below.


1. All the data of the cryptocurrencies were data compiled from their own website.

2. The net change formula: N=(Price at 30 June 2018/Price at 1 January 2018-1)×100%.

3. All cryptocurrencies which below the volume were excluded.

The Bull

According to the date shown, 9 among the Top 10 bullish cryptocurrencies of the 1st half of 2018, were distributed before 2018.

The earliest was ARG which distributed in 2013, whilst AU, CASH, ANI, WSX which distributed in 2014, but only NBLC was the only one in the Top 10 that distributed in 2018. From here we know, those cryptocurrencies have been through years of ups and downs, changing with the development and projects in the market and sharpening their technology and operation over time, and stirred the storm in 2018. However, the actual projects need to be further analyzed as there are many projects out there with risks purposely fake their rise to fool the newbies.

Hexx was another skyrocketed cryptocurrency. There was not much attention from open investors since its distribution in 2015, at least not much significant in the platform transaction. Until the 1st Half of 2018, its performance surged and accumulated gains achieved at 2518%. Its price climbed all the way up, reaching its peak at USD15.99 since its distribution, comparing to 1 January at USD0.175, created the highest jump of 9039%.

Obviously there were investors joining continuously around 10 February, then the overall price starting to soar rapidly in 3 to 4 months but its fluctuation was rather huge too. Started on 21 June, its price has been declining, until the summary of this report, the price remained around USD3.80, yet with any rising sign.

HEXX is a copycat of bitcoin, with the market value of USD6,927,674, at a rather lower level, thus its price could be possibly being controlled. Its liquidity at 1,698,663 with an overall liquidity of 17% (9,999,999 HXX). For that, the Top 100 stakeholders hold 73.84% of HXX.

Nobel Coin (NBLC) is another outstanding cryptocurrency that started distributing in 2018. Comparing to its peers, its growth is closely following HEXX, but its value is times higher than all, its current liquidity market value is over ten billion dollars, it is a minority preferred new investment that expected to have a bright developing future. NBLC liquidity is released more than 70% which is about 60,000,000 NBLC. The characteristic of NBLC is the payment gateway, focusing mainly on the technology innovation; the team vision is driving parallel with the current trend of the blockchain development, thus the market is pretty much looking forward to the advancement of NBLC in the future. Currently there are a few physical businesses that are looking into blockchain trend, observing NBLC in its the regional development, hoping to borrow its technology advances and matured community network to expand their businesses.

Due to the development of blockchain businesses, there are more and more cryptocurrency created and the public acknowledgement on cryptocurrency is widening, while the community is getting wider, the activities are getting more active, thus should there be any new technology innovation of a project and reasonable application, there would have the potential and gain the public attention.

Just like reported earlier, the founder and CEO of DCG, Barry Silbert mentioned that investors are still eyeing on cryptocurrency market, they are highly interested even though it is now in a periodically bearish condition.

The Bear

In the wave of fierce cryptocurrency fights, some were chased while some were left rotten.

While compiling the bearish list, the Top 10 list was most likely an unnecessary task, because all of them were in a being emptied condition.  

According to the research report announced by ICO Consulting Company, Satis Group on 11 July this year, shows that there was almost 80% in ICO recognized as “busted scams”. The report was written, in the overall proportion of ICO, we has found out that about 78% ICO was confirmed as scams, 4% had failed, 3% has found lifeless, 15% has their transactions made in the exchange platform. And those Top 10 bearish cryptocurrencies were all distributed in 2017, thus there is no surprise when they were zeroed.

BitConnect was the highest plunged, got onto the cryptocurrency online trading platform in the beginning of 2017, its BCC peak even reached the highest at USD442.48 on 17 December 2017, but quickly slipped, then rebounded on 25 December and reached to the peak at USD435.54 in 2018, took by storm for merely 3 days before it got hammered and finally emptied. BitConnect flagged with blockchain but it was actually a huge scam, borrowing its clients’ cryptocurrency platform, promising a monthly interest of 40% maximum in return, explaining its dividend would be produced by high definition trading mining robot, such scams had attracted a huge group of money-minded newbies and in the end none has stayed.

Among other projects, HomeBlockCoin was focusing on wallet project, EA Coin was an e-commerce platform, Regalcoin was a copycat of Bitcoin, Crowdcoin business was about ICO platform + consulting + training, Firstcoin was a company first attempt on investment, while Royal Kingdom was a subsidiary air project in supporting Dubai Blockchain development. When all these multifarious projects fell, the market gradually calmed down.


In the 1st half of 2018, the global blockchain policy has shown a strengthening supervision, but this year’s policy is mainly on supporting.  The major point of the 1st half of 2018 is still focusing on foundation, whilst the blockchain is still in researching stage, if we would to borrow the power of blockchain to realize the curve overtaking, then supporting the policy will be the smart choice. With the policy supports, the potential of blockchain development is huge. This will be a very good opportunity that benefits both the project planner and investors.

Compared to all sorts of cryptocurrencies in 2017, 2018 will not have its history repeated in such a crazy phenomenon, only the realizable and practical good projects will win from all the blockchain projects. When a project is in a packaging stage, it will only tell you that your investment will realize their financial freedom but without telling you that you will lose your money. Therefore, throw away your overnight millionaire mindset, do not follow blindfolded, or you could be the next one being zeroed.

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