WEAR has become the Tactile Analytics AR/VR Virtual Technologies Fund

ETC, also known as Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC (ETC) is a leader in ETF solutions and today it has announced that they completed the name and index changes for The Wear ETF. Wear is not the Tactile Analytics AR/VR Virtual Technologies fun and it also tracks the EQM Tactile AR/VR Virtual tech index too. You can learn more about the fund on their website at https://arvretf.com.

ARVR helps investors enter this growing, powerful market of AR and VR technologies

The fun is one of the first exchanged trade products designed to bring investors the right exposure to companies that would directly benefit from all the VR and AR emergence. Tactile Analytics is offering EQM Indexes the necessary industry research and support and they believe that the current VR and AR advancements are a necessity and a great thing. They also lead to the society’s modernization, and that is obviously a very good thing to have in that perspective.

One thing to note is that both the index and name change are not changing the fund operation in any way. The fees are remaining exactly the same, and also the advisor is still Exchange Traded Concepts, a very important thing to keep in mind. Moreover, the fund is sponsored by EVE Capital and the index provider is EQM Indexes LLC, a company that’s particularly focused on index building. They provide transparent exposure and innovative solutions that you can rely upon.

ARVR is currently focused on tracking the EQM Tactile Analytics AR/VR Index. ARVR will invest around 80% of its assets in the index securities. The idea here is that the Index will offer a way to measure the company performance based on the public stock exchange information.

“These will definitely benefit from the AR and VR technology use. Moreover, the companies that are a part of the index can be found in the VR and AR supply chain.” says a representative from VR Galaxy. “Some of them include the hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers as well as companies that provide deployment solutions to reach customers a lot easier and faster!”

Just like any other investment, this is also one that comes with a risk and in this case it may be a loss of principal. There can also be risks such as exchange rate fluctuations, a very high level of volatility as well as limited regulation. But then again, the fund can invest a very high percentage in non US currencies. This approach also has its own challenges and issues, because the values can change according to various control regulations and so on!

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