Haasonline software enables the traders to automate their cryptocurrency trading to achieve better results

Haasonline software utilizes the latest technology to provide the traders with the right set of tools to trade the way they want to and as per their convenience. As a crypto trader, one is constantly busy analyzing the always fluctuating and volatile market which is why Haasonline presents the HaasBot which will help the user in monitoring the market when they are doing other necessary activities like sleeping, eating, going out with friends, spending time with family etc. Using the HaasBots, the users can automate their trading strategy and get back to living a normal life.

Haasonline Software allows the traders to fully automate their Bitcoin and Altcoin trading 24 hours a day, using the highly configurable cryptocurrency trade bots called the HaasBots. These trade bots can use technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and Fibonacci as well as proprietary Safeties and Insurances to keep the user’s investments safe. The user can utilize the historical and real-time data to simulate their custom HaasBot’s strategies and see how it performs in different market conditions. The Auto-tune settings allow the user to access indicators and safeties to see which settings are working for a specific period of time.

The users can integrate the Haasonline Software directly with Telegram to stay updated about the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrency. They can watch live news and updates on profit, loss and other trading data. Furthermore, Haasonline software does not charge any extra fees for the number of orders placed and the user has all the access to their supported exchanges. The user will have the right to all the profit earned from trading and Haas will not take any share from that.

HaasBot supports fully programmable script bots written in C#. Using this, the traders with knowledge of programming can use the framework to develop fully customized bots that work according to their requirements. The traders can also join the constantly growing community of HaasBot users to share their trade strategies, watch tutorials, take a course and get support from a professional support staff.

HaasBot is developed by a team of expert professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts having years of experience. Although HaasOnline Software was officially found in January 2014, the name has been in use since the 90’s. The HaasOnline Trade Server (HTS) by the company currently has thousands of active users.

The traders can choose from three HaasBot plans for 3-months, 6-months and 12-month time period respectively. Every plan has three levels that is, beginner, advanced and simple, each with different features to cater to the requirements of different users.

The users can avail 5% discount by using the coupon code: buyhaas5

More information about the software can be found at haasonline.com.

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