Selvedge Denim Manufacturer Presents Hundreds Varieties of Denim Fabrics for Making A Wide Range of Clothes

Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd is a professional denim fabric factory that supplies different varieties of denim fabrics, used in making jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts, furniture etc.

With over 70,000 types of denim fabrics in their portfolio, Wingfly Textile Company can supply fabrics to garment manufacturers, producing a variety of jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts and other items. The company specializes in the production of the selvedge denim fabric, and maintains a huge inventory of the fabric in different colors and styles. They design fabrics to serve the worldwide market and today supply fabrics to more than 3000 clients across the world.

According to the company spokesperson, they have the thin denim fabric, which is very lightweight and available in a variety of colors of red, light blue, grey blue, brown, khaki and others. This premium quality fabric is also available in medium to heavy weight, and which could be suitable for stitching shirts and jackets for the winter. The fabric is suitable for making jeans for both men and women, and can be used for slim, skinny and straight jeans. The spokesperson reveals that the fabric is available in different luxury compositions of cotton, spandex, ramie, corduroy and others. Besides offering the denim fabric at an affordable price, the company also provides professional services for the makers of jeans, pants, jackets and other items.

Selvedge Denim Manufacturer Presents Hundreds Varieties of Denim Fabrics for Making A Wide Range of Clothes

The pinstripe denim fabric is another high quality fabric that Wingfly Textile Company has in its portfolio. They have a large stock of the fabric, available in the indigo color, while the selvedge color is red and white. With a weight of just 11oz, the fabric features 100% cotton composition. The fabric is suitable for making jeans and denim shirts. The company has an in-house R&D team that explores new styles and develops fabrics with unique compositions. Moreover, they prefer using eco-friendly dyeing methods, so that the fabric is breathable enough and friendly to the human skin.

As one of the leading selvedge denim manufacturers from China, Wingfly Textile Company always focuses on quality and endeavors to supply versatile fabrics at the best prices. They can supply selvage denim fabric with 100% cotton composition and with the PU coating. With white and red selvage, the fabrics are suitable for making clothes for all four seasons. The spokesperson reveals that they can supply from low, medium to heavy composition fabrics, allowing companies to manufacture jeans, jackets and shirts to wear on different seasons. The company boasts of supplying the best quality Chinese selvage denim fabrics in a variety of styles and colors at competitive prices.

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About Wingfly Textile Co. Ltd

Wingfly Textile Company is an enterprise that proudly combines the industrial cooperation with trade. The company specializes in making fabrics and supports the garment making business, by exporting fabrics in the right quantity and at competitive prices to the clients around the world. They effectively focus on serving the worldwide market with quality products and superior services. They can also customize the fabric style and composition as per the customer’s demand. The company specializes in supplying Selvedge denim to top denim brands and manufactures all kinds of Selvedge denim from 4oz to 32oz.

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