Kuester Management Group Offers Insight on Building a Stronger HOA Board

Kuester Management Group highlights tips for improving board operations and relationships with homeowners for greater effectiveness.

The homeowners association (HOA) board takes on a great deal of responsibility in making decisions in the best interest of members and the community as a whole. Having the right people on the board can make a difference in how smoothly and effectively things run. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding strategies for creating a stronger, more productive board.

“Education is essential for a strong board,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Board members should strive to continue learning and taking professional development classes regarding financial management, communication, governing documents, decision making, conflict resolution, and more.”

Partnering with a property management company can also be beneficial, notes Kuester. Property managers can bring an added level of knowledge and experience to help guide board members. They also have access to a variety of resources and vendors that can support HOA operations.

“Enhancing communication and relationships with homeowners can also strengthen board operations,” says Kuester. “Members not only want to stay in the loop about what is happening within the community, they also want to know that they are being heard. The board should have processes and procedures in place for addressing questions and concerns and providing updates.”

When the board takes the time to get know members and what is important to them, it can help with decision making and gaining member buy-in. They are able to better act within the best interest of the community and make meaningful changes. Greater outreach can also build more interest from homeowners in participating on committees or eventually running for a board position themselves. It is always good to be cultivating a pipeline of talent and grooming future leaders.

“Changes in board leadership can be a good thing,” says Kuester. “It brings in fresh perspectives and ideas which can be a welcome change. It also creates a new dynamic which could be just what the board needs to be more productive and work together more effectively. Sometimes personality clashes or differing opinions can keep projects from moving forward, but new leadership can stimulate positive change.”

Make sure that homeowners are also aware of how the board operates and what the expectations are. Everyone should be familiar with the governing documents so recommended changes are feasible and make sense within the scope of what the board can do. The board should also be aware of its responsibilities and how to function ethically and within best practices. Communication is essential and can curtail many problems that arise.

Kuester Management Group supports HOAs with all aspects of HOA management and serves as a trusted resource for communities. Whether a board is brand new or comes with a wealth of experience, it is always good to have someone to turn to when questions arise. For more information, contact Kuester today at www.kuester.com.


Kuester Management Group, a division of Kuester Companies, works to protect property values and enhance the quality of life in each of its managed communities. Providing a full range of association management services, Kuester Management Group has worked to foster strong, resilient, and unified communities across North and South Carolina. The company is proud to offer on-site property managers, all zealous for building strong communities meant to stand the test of time. More information is available at www.kuester.com or @KuesterCompany.

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