Tips on How to Choose a Detroit Collision Shop

Choosing an auto body repair shop? The Best Practices in deciding which Detroit collision shop to take your vehicle to.

Nowadays finding a trustworthy collision shop is hard, there are so many shops cutting corners, doing insurance fraud, or poor work; in this article we hope to provide you with the information you need to weed through the bad and find the good. The truth is not all shops are bad, rather the ones that are the most popular tend to be the ones cutting a corner in one way or another.

1. Check Reviews Online

One of the best ways of finding out whether a shop is reputable is checking their online reviews. Yelp and Google Maps are great sources to find out what customers think. Now, many of the reviews can be biased or fake so make sure they seem like something you would say yourself if you have a good/bad experience with a shop. One of the most important metrics in a directory listing is not the average rating but rather the amount of reviews. If a shop has 3 5 star reviews its good but a shop with a 4.2 stars and 30 reviews is a lot more trust worthy. Beware of 1 star reviews, often enough customers seek vengeance on a shop for something that is not their fault, customers often use a bad review as a threat to the shops reputation.

2. Stop in for an Estimate

If there are no reviews or they seem untrustworthy, check it out yourself. Nothing is better than seeing the shop with your own eyes. Some things to check for are

a.) Cleanliness

one of the biggest red flags are a dirty or cluttered lobby. A shop that strives for customer satisfaction will make sure the waiting area is not only clean but comfortable, entertaining. Public bathrooms is often a sign of common courtesy. Water and coffee are also signs of good practice and care for the customers opinion. If the shop doesn’t provide a welcoming environment they do not deserve your business and you should shop around. Finding a good Detroit auto body shop is critical.

b.) Pricing

When shopping around for an estimate its common for customers who aren’t familiar with cars to shop around for the lowest price. At the end of the day everyone wants to save money, the cheaper you can get your car back to pre-accident condition the better right? Wrong, beware of shops with low prices. Of all the reasons not to go to a shop, outrageously low prices ranks #1. If a shop quote is 20% or more lower than it’s competitor it is doing one of the following; insurance fraud, using stolen parts, using low quality aftermarket parts, technicians are uncertified and paid below industry standard, do poor work, non-warrantied repairs, and about anything else you can think of to cut corners. When shopping for a quote look for a shop that is priced competitively but also recognizes where the bottom line is so repair quality is not sacrificed. DO NOT take rough estimate, if the shop gives you an estimate that is rough, not printed or in writing, it is likely inaccurate. For the last 10 years we have been utilizes computer programs to estimate repair cost, this gives us a way more accurate quote because it takes, labor time, part cost and more into consideration. One of the leading Detroit body shops is Matrix Auto Inc.

c.) Lifetime Warranty?

Check if the shop will cover the repair under a lifetime warranty, if so they obviously stand by the quality of their work and take the risk of nothing happening after you leave. Plenty of things can occur after a repair, paint turning yellow, cracked or clips not properly secured, electronic failures and more. Be protected and choose a shop with a lifetime warranty. They tend to be slightly more expensive due to the fact they have certified technicians and use OEM or High quality aftermarket parts.

3. Before / After Photos

Many shops offer before and after photos, you can find these on social media or on their websites. These do a great job of showing the quality of their work and putting it on display for criticism. Pay close attention to body panel fitment, and paint blending and these are good tips on whether or not the shop takes pride in their work.

To conclude, when shopping around for an Detroit Auto Body Repair Shop it is important to do you due diligence. Practice these methods of sorting through shops and I assure you will find one suited for your repair.

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