Me Myself & You — Transforming Selfies into Design Products

Three international innovators bring their vision to Kickstarter.

Me Myself & You is excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a debut product: ‘The Selfie.’ Designed to make products more personal and bring consumers closer to the manufacturing process, ‘The Selfie’ transforms a phone selfie into a one-of-a-kind piece of silhouette art.  

Samer Chalfoun, Harvey Wells and Adrian Anghel are the international team behind Me Myself & You and the Selfie project. Their goal is to create opportunities for consumers to avoid standardized mass production and instead help create unique products that are highly personalized. The Selfie is only the beginning of the venture. 

The official campaign will end december 22th, 2014. The first Selfies will begin shipping in early 2015. Those who pledge through Kickstarter and send along their phone selfie will receive early samples of the Selfie product made in their own image (or those of their friends and family). Smaller pledges will receive a 20×20 cm Selfie made with recycled PVC, while larger pledges will receive Selfies in dark Spanish olive. 

If the campaign is successful, Chalfoun and his team hope to begin production on a larger scale and move on to other forms of personalized digital fabrication, making consumers active participants in the construction of the products they buy. 

For more information about Me Myself & You and the Selfie project, visit the website or visit the campaign page to pledge. 

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