Orange County Emergency Plumbing Service The Importance Of Fixing Leaks

Apex Plumbing And Drain in Orange County provides an emergency plumbing service for commercial and residential customers. They have launched a campaign to help residents and commercial customers understand the importance of fixing leaks in the shortest time possible.

A leading Orange County plumbing service who has introduced a 24-hour emergency plumbing service for commercial and residential customers has launched a campaign to make people aware of the importance of fixing leaks. Apex Plumbing And Drain can provide any type of emergency plumbing service ( which includes emergency drain unblocking, leaks, water heat repair or replacement, and emergency pipe repair to name a few.


When a person finds a leak in their commercial or residential property it is important to call out a professional plumbing company in Orange County. Delaying calling a plumber out can result in damage being caused to the property.


Apex Plumbing has listed details of the damage a leak can cause (


Corrosion Sets In


If a leak is not addressed straight away, then corrosion could set in. When a property has a leak water runs downs the pipe which means parts of that pipe could become corroded and may need to be replaced.


Damage To Walls And Floors

When a leak appears in a property it can cause damage to other parts of the property. A leak can make walls weaker, cause damage to brick or plaster. A leak can also cause damage to the floor and the longer it takes to have the leak repaired the more damage to the flooring will occur. This type of damage could become a serious expense for the homeowner.


A Leak Can Cause Damage To The Ceiling

A ceiling can be very expensive to repair and replace. If a property has a leak and if it is in the upstairs of the property, then that water needs to escape somewhere. The normal places that water will escape to is the ceiling. The water from the leak will make the ceiling weaker which could result in the homeowner having to have the ceiling replaced.


Electrical Problems

A leak in a property can cause serious electrical problems which could result in an electrician being called to test the electrics and make repairs if necessary. If the leak has become so bad and has damaged the electrics beyond repair, then that will mean the whole property could have to be re-wired; this is a very expensive job.


If a property has a leak it is important to have that leak repaired straight away, and with Apex Plumbing And Drain providing a 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Orange County, it means a leak can repaired day or night.


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