“National Dream. Minhan Dream” Minhan international new product conference was held successfully in Linyi, Shandong.

On August 26, 2018, Minhan international noble customized new product launch and the chain of thousands of stores opened grandly in Quancheng Huasheng hotel, Linyi city, Shandong province. Ms. Liu Min, Chairman of Minhan International, together with the design and R&D team and core members of Minhan Group, attended the event and witnessed the glory moment of the exclusive “Minhan” international noble customization grand launch with the guests. This conference invites many professionals from the world media and fashion circles to appreciate the new series of products made by famous French design team and enjoy the visual feast of exquisite and artistic coexistence. What is more interesting is that the signing ceremony of Minhan’s participation in Linyi’s “West Warmth Plan” was also held, which means that some of Minhan’s future profits will send warmth to the poor areas in the west, and the charity of Minhan has taken a step forward.

Ms. Liu Min, chairman of Minhan international, said emotionally in this link: “from the founding of Minhan international to its current development and strength, it is inseparable from the support and cooperation of all the staff of Minhan international, as well as the assistances of people from all industries. I will continue to lead everyone to build a more high-end Minhan, but also will continue to adhere to the charity that’do not forget the original heart’ is Minhan’s faith, ‘great love boundless’ is Minhan’s ambition. What we want to do is to have the national brand of temperature, not only want to realize the Minhan dream of all of us Minhan people, but also the Chinese dream of all of us!”.

Ms. Liu Sihong, a well-known senior consultant of enterprise management and training, made the opening remarks of this conference. She affirmed the foresight and superiority of Minhan International Noble Customization Brand in enterprise management and training in many aspects, and made an excellent benchmark for the industry, the wonderful speech officially kicked off the conference. Later, Mr. Liu Lin, Chairman of Sanmin International, focused on the hot topic of “Mobile New Retail + Interactive Economy”, combined with Minhan brand, explored the industry trend and development trend of new clothing retail in the future, and introduced Minhan international to the guests. The “Minhan·Noble Life Experience Pavilion”, which is customized for the new retail and offline layout of the nobility, provides a wonderful demonstration of the current new online layout of the Minhan International Noble Customized Brand online and the leading new business model, and the future of Minhan is also prospected.

The Minhan International Customized Autumn and Winter New Products show was designed by a well-known French design team. Each session showed the new design of Minhan’s different clothing series to each person, and explained the French elegant brand style of Minhan noble private customize products from the European style of artistic feelings and unique design concepts. Whether it is exquisite and practical, there is no lack of fashion tailoring professional style, or heavy work design, refined and elegant, partial French style of French life series. All of these have not only aroused great repercussions but also won the unanimous approval of the people from all industries and the audience’s consecutive applause. Through this press conference, the guests had a deeper understanding of the concept of high-level customization of noble, especially after seeing the new products customized by Minhan noble, they said, “beyond the original imagination”, “with international style, but also wearable”, “very optimistic about the development of private customization of Minhan noble”.

The famous French designer team for Minhan International Autumn and Winter New Design also sent representatives to convey the design concept of the new product relay on the main clothing products. The customer group that defines Minhan is an elegant living noble, exquisite and not extravagant, paying attention to the high-grade sense of the quality and tailoring to the clothing, and all the high-grade products are integrated into the classic French design method, giving you a noble experience at your fingertips. While providing you with noble quality of life, it is most likely to reduce the cost of the product, so that more people who yearn for and admire romantic and fashionable life can experience the real noble customization clothing.

The real noble pursuit of life is artistic rather than empty fashion and cumbersome decorations. Instead of wearing gorgeous clothes and precious jewelry, it is a natural attraction, elegant and exquisite at first sight, distinguished and independent at close sight, and natural charm when we look carefully. This is a situation that can only be reached after a perfect fit. It is also the pursuit of fashion, life and brand belief of “Minhan International Noble Customization”. This year’s Minhan International Noble Customized New Product Launch will open a new era of brand development, which is the best proof that Minhan has been able to go forward, and is the latest definition of Minhan.

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