“McPhee never loses sight of the fact that it was a passion for music which brought so many people together in the first place and that is something to be celebrated.”

Los Angeles, CA – August 30, 2018 TEENAGE SUPERSTARS “lovingly examines the microcosm in which Scottish music flourished and the lasting global influence it has had,” examined DCA.

From Director of Big Gold Dream, Grant McPhee’s second installment of the “Sound of Young Scotland”, TEENAGE SUPERSTARS, picks up after the implosion of Alan Horne’s Postcard Records to The Pastels’, Stephen “Pastel” McRobbie, Sandy McLean and David Keegan’s creation of 53rd & 3rd – a label that would create would break new ground in post-punk, indie-pop and other unique and untapped genres.


TEENAGE SUPERSTARS “gives the truthful insight into the development and success of bands like The Vaselines, Soup Dragons, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, The Pastels, The Shop Assistants, JAMC and more,” reported Revvvolver.

With voiceover by Kim Deal of Pixies and The Breeders, TEENAGE SUPERSTARS portrays Glasgow’s music scene that radically changed from the mid ‘80s to the early ‘90s, creating a new era of rebellion that revitalized the punk genre with independent and alternative music – different than any sound heard before. Shown through in-depth research and rare, archived footage, TEENAGE SUPERSTARS showcases “Glasgow club nights organized by Bobby Gillespie to bands using their Gran’s front room as a practice space, we see the lo-fi starting points for such vital and influential bands as Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Vaselines,” observed DCA, universal music success signed by the label 53rd & 3rd. Continuing, “there is also a detour to the unlikely musical mecca of Bellshill where we witness the birth and rise of BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub and The Soup Dragons.”

“McPhee never loses sight of the fact that it was a passion for music which brought so many people together in the first place and that is something to be celebrated.”

Continuing the legacy, TEENAGE SUPERSTARS utilizes contemporary interviews, “figures such as Stephen Pastel of The Pastels and Alan McGee of Creation Records prove excellent and generous company as they recount honestly these times in their lives, all with a combination of confident self-belief and a certain incredulity that any of it actually happened in the first place.” 

As a love letter to Glasgow’s ’80s music scene, TEENAGE SUPERSTARS is a celebration if “their U.S. and U.K. contemporaries and those have since been influenced by them from both sides of the Atlantic. For lovers of the jangly everywhere,” described Mix Cloud in their description of mixtape of tracks to honor the film. Listen to Mix Cloud’s collection, “The World Loves ‘80s Glasgow – A love letter to TEENAGE SUPERSTARS” here:

TEENAGE SUPERSTARS follows Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice, soundtracks: Austin Powers, Empire Records, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle), Kim Deal (Pixies, The Breeders, soundtracks: Her, The Condemned, A Walk to Remember), Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons, soundtracks: The World’s End, Hellraiser III), Thurston Moorefrom Sonic Youth, and many more. TriCoast Entertainment has released TEENAGE SUPERSTARS onto U.S. digital streaming platforms including Amazon. Watch it here today:


TEENAGE SUPERSTAR (2017, 107 min.) Directed by Grant McPhee. Written by: Grant McPhee, Angela Slaven. Produced by: Grant McPhee, Wendy Griffin. Co-Produced by: Angela Slaven, Erik Sandberg, Martin Ewart. Editor: Angela Slaven. Cinematographers: Grant McPhee, Garry Torrance, Martin Parry. UK, English. On-Set Digital, TriCoast Entertainment.


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