Talented Magician Brings His Special Type Of Magic To Nashville

Nashville, TN – Amory Hermetz, a talented and successful magician, is delighted to announce that he has recently moved his entire act to Nashville on a permanent basis. Nashville is, of course, famous for its music and so some people might question the wisdom of such a move, but Amory is convinced that there is a massive opportunity for him as a Nashville Magician.

Rather than compete for stage time with the thousands of musicians in the city, Amory is targeting Corporate Entertainment as his niche, and he has already experienced a degree of success, securing a regular gig at House of Cards. There is always something special about a magic show, and particularly in a city that is so famous for its music. Amory is convinced that a little variety in entertainment options will ensure that his magic shows are well attended.

“When I first floated the idea of moving to Nashville, to further my career people told me I had lost the plot,” said Amory Hermetz. “However, the idea of being a Magician in Nashville really appealed to me, after all a good magician is all about confusing the audience and doing the unexpected, so I guess nobody should have been surprised. So far my shows have been very well received, with some people coming back multiple times, and inviting their friends. I love the atmosphere around Nashville and am determined to build a future in this wonderful city.”

Amory Hermetz is an innovative and exciting magician who oozes stage presence. His unique brand of magic leaves the audience in total awe and is guaranteed to get people talking for weeks to come. Amory loves interacting with his audience, getting up close to them, enabling them to experience the magic happening right under their noses.

For more information about Armory and his corporate shows visit his website at https://www.amoryhermetz.com

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