“POAI” Consensus mechanism of AICHAIN will bring big changes for the blockchain’s future.

Regarding POAI, AICHAIN will consider two upgrade options in the future, one of which is fragmentation.

AICHAIN’s current test performance has reached the thousand-level TPS. If combined with the fragmentation technology, it will easily reach the 10,000-level TPS and become the strongest public chain.

However, AICHAIN has higher expectations for itself, so the AICHAIN team will focus on the second upgrade option: decentralized decision-making + centralized processing, which is an upgraded version of POAI.

The AICHAIN team believes that the cluster system is the most suitable option from the perspective of efficiency, so the AICHAIN AI team proposed a new idea: each node device which runs the AI program will form a distributed, decentralized arbitration network. The network does not process transactions, it is only responsible for arbitrating who is the only super node, and the transaction is handled by the selected unique super node, which is enough to compete with the centralized system.

Although AI technology is currently unable to meet the requirements of the program mentioned above, the solution is at least feasible in principle. Considering the speed of AI development, we will be able to see AICHAIN with a performance of 100,000 TPS in the near future.

As the first POAI consensus mechanism which applies AI, it will lead the trend of AI being used in the low-level technology of blockchain.

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