New Website Explores the Question: What Is REAL Astrology About?

San Diego, CA – A new website,, is making an effort to simplify the complex world of astrology. The site’s goal is to provide educational resources to those interested in the subjectso that they can better understand what real astrology is all about.

For those that have ever been asked about their zodiac sign by a friend or glanced at a magazine and seen pages full of horoscopes, astrology can seem confusing. It is a topic that everyone has heard about, but when asked “what is astrology?” many people aren’t sure what to say.

For those that want to know more about astrology but are wondering where they can find more information about it, Astrology 42, a site based out of San Diego,is a collection of resources and place of discussion for people that want to learn more. It is a centralized location for information about natal birth charts, horoscopes, and interpretations of the signs.

When mostpeople hear about this subject, they realize they might not know what it’s about. So what is astrology about? Basically, it strives to connect the movement and patterns of the stars and planets to human lives and events. Astrology has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations. These ancient societies looked to the skies and used it to divine meaning and information in their day to day lives. Astrology is still very present in many cultures around the world.

Another common question that people have is “What is the difference between astronomy and astrology”? Often times, people will get confused and use the two terms interchangeably. While the two terms share similar focuses and sound a lot alike, in practice they are rather different.

One of the best ways to understand it is that astronomy is the scientific study of the planets, stars, and other celestial objects and their phenomena. It explores scientific movement, behaviour, and patterns of celestial objects. It incorporates several other scientific fields as well, including chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Astrology,on the other hand, is not considered a scientific study, and is more focused on interpreting those physical patterns and behaviours into an understanding of the self, personality, and the spiritual.Both practices have gone hand in hand together for much of history, even being considered the same field for a long time.

Depending on what information someone is searching for, Astrology 42 has special areas dedicated to certain elements of the discipline. For those wondering, “what is the difference between astronomy and astrology”, they have natal charts to examine, an archive of unique blog posts, and more. Those curious about astrology can visit their website for more information.

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