Companies are Bolstering Their Business through Digital Marketing

Johannesburg, South Africa – More companies are deciding to bolster their business through digital marketing than ever before. To reach their marketing goals, they’re turning to freelance SEO consultants like Cobus van Vuuren for guidance in the digital landscape.

With the dawn of the technological revolution, everything has changed. The world has become connected by the internet, accessible communication devices, and social media. In this new world, it’s imperative for businesses to do the same. Yet, many companies are unaware of how to navigate this new technological landscape. Bereft of a digital marketing strategy, they find themselves scouring search engines for things like ‘how to grow your business with more leads’ and ‘how to optimize hits.’

Cobus van Vuuren is a freelance SEO consultant who specializes in optimizing leads through SEO marketing. His goal is not solely to help companies increase their revenue through his strategies; he also wants to demystify the complicated world of digital marketing. Through his three-step ‘hat-trick system,’ he conveys the pillars of successful SEO campaigns in understandable and relatable terms. Through clear language, implementable strategies, and a forthright conviction, this lead generation specialist is empowering companies to fulfill their digital potential.

Cobus empowers businesses to achieve this potential through an emphasis on clear language and easy-to-use SEO strategies. Many marketing companies can fall prey to heightened terminology and complicated stratagems. This complexity, although detailed, can be a hindrance if a client gets bogged down in confusing terminology and copious footnotes.

Cobus makes certain that his clients can fully understand everything he is conveying. His strategies are common sense and can be easily implemented by either a professional marketer or a DIY-er. On his website, he states that the jargon and terminology are superfluous. The only thing that matters to him is that the clients receive a world-class status through “marketing the best, most valuable product or service.” For this lead generation specialist, what’s important is that the client achieves their digital goals; everything else is just extra.

As a freelance SEO consultant, Cobus uses understandable strategies to help clients achieve their marketing goals. This can be seen in his signature three-step ‘hat-trick system.’ This three-pillar system is intended to help clients grow their online presence and increase their bottom line. It focuses on the three main tenets of a successful SEO campaign: SEO marketing, content, and outreach/promotion.

Cobus explains how important these tenets are in conjunction with each other. He compares these pillars to the ingredients necessary to start a fire. SEO marketing, the foundation for a solid campaign, is compared to oxygen. The content, which is the fuel that powers the company, becomes the fuel for the fire. Lastly, the outreach and promotion are compared to the spark that ignites the fire.

When all are correctly combined and implemented, the marketing strategy successfully ignites and burns bright for the client to see. Thus, Cobus is not only bolstering SEO campaigns: he is adding some much-needed firepower to the digital landscape.

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