Promising Rock Band Fiery Sushi Prepares to Tour the Country

The Orlando based rock band Fiery Sushi has long been an underground hit, but as its popularity has soared, so have the expectations of fans and band members. Composed of Finess Quezada, Carlos Quezada, Maria Jazel, Zach Lovelace, and Mandy Rose, Fiery Sushi has been a fixture of the Orlando rock music scene since 2009. The band has been belting out thumping rock anthems as a sideshow, but with growing success on some of rock’s major stages—including Warped Tour and House of Blues—they are preparing to become full time musicians.

The memorable rock tracks that Fiery Sushi has produced are marked by driving guitar and drums, which are accented by the glorious vocals of Maria and Mandy. Rock fans throughout Florida have greatly enjoyed the hard rock anthems of Fiery Sushi, but the band is eager to share their music with the wider national audience.  Following the immense response of fans to songs like “Take the World by Storm” and “Crazy,” Fiery Sushi is prepared to take their rightful place in the national spotlight.

The first step in this progression to international superstars is acquiring transportation to convey their instruments and equipment to concert halls far from Orlando. Fiery Sushi has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $1,000 necessary to purchase a van or trailer.  In return for supporting this important project backers may receive valuable merchandise like posters, T-shirts, signed CDs, Skype dates, or All Access Passes. 

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