A Story of Mishkin Energy Stone Game

The story happened in nineteenth Century.

It was an era full of desires. There were countless adventurers on the planet who pursued the legendary Mishkin Energy Stone and each adventurer’s greatest wish was to get the mysterious Mishkin Energy Stone called EGS.

A story of Mishkin energy stone game

In the darkness and mystery of space, a mysterious energy stone hit the earth, the whole earth is covered with energy stone debris. A mysterious Mishkin Island suddenly appeared in the Pacific Ocean. The island was full of energy stones and its guardians. The appearance of Mishkin Island aroused the desire of all the adventurers in the world. The adventurers flocked to explore the mystery of Mishkin Island. Although the island was full of energy stones, the real Mishkin’s energy stone has only one piece. Who will get the real EGS?

The new adventure is about to start.

Mishkin Energy Stone Game Introduction

As the financial world’s new favorite Mishkin Energy Game debuts gloriously in 2018, Mishkin Energy Stone Game is a fair game platform, each player can exchange MSK through the Mishkin Store, in the game can use MSK for energy stone EGS, each player with energy stone EGS will have the opportunity to get a high amount of travel Game rewards, especially for the lucky last player, the amount will be large. Energy pools, diamond pools, crystal pools, Mishkin funds and community funds will be set up in the game to serve the players who own the Energy Stone EGS. The total amount of MSK that all players contribute to the platform and the reward allocation will be displayed on the website.  Be fair to each player, let all players feel confident and bold to play the Mishkin energy game.

A story of Mishkin energy stone game

Each round of the Mishkin Energy Game is counted down to 60 hours. Each player exchanges an energy stone EGS for more 60 seconds, but the game time is capped to 60 hours. When no player exchanges the energy stone EGS, the countdown ends.

How to play Mishkin energy stone game.

First, what can Mishkin’s energy stone game bring to the players?

1, wealth increase 4 times or more.

(1) exchange 1 energy stones EGS can get 4 times earnings.

(2) crystal pool award MSK (can continue to exchange energy stone EGS, can also be exchanged for us dollars).

(3) Mishkin Fund is for the last 200 players into the service, the last 200 players into the EGS holdings of the total average Mishkin Fund, do not worry about the timing of the game. It also gives the last 200 players the M code, which gives them right to buy EGS preferentially in the next round.

(4) The Diamond Pool serves the last user to buy the Energy Stone EGS. At the end of the game, the last user to buy the Energy Stone EGS enjoys the huge MSK in the Diamond Pool.

(5) For each player who helps promote the Mish Energy Stone game, a 10% promotion gold prize (convertible for Energy Stone EGS or US dollars) as rewarded, but only one available.

Two, what is energy stone EGS?

Energy Stone EGS is the source of energy for Mishkin energy games. As the number of players holding EGS increases, the price of EGS will also increase. Only with EGS can we get bonus pool, diamond pool, crystal pool, Mishkin fund and community fund reward. Only with MSK, there is no such huge reward.

Three. The MSK allocation to enter the game platform:

1, 50% of the total revenue from the game platform MSK is the energy pool reward to the player who has EGS before.

2, game platform revenue 12.5% of the total MSK as a diamond pool award to the last EGS player.

3, 12.5% of the total MSK revenue from the game platform is the Mishkin Fund Award to the last 200 players.

4, 10% of the total revenue from the game platform MSK is awarded to the referral by the community fund (which can be exchanged for us dollars).

5, 10% of the total MSK revenue from the game platform is the bonus of the crystal pool, which holds the energy stone EGS.

6, game platform revenue MSK total of 5% as platform operation management costs.

A story of Mishkin energy stone game

Four, crystal pool adventure game rules

Firstly the player must have his own energy stone EGS, each energy stone EGS has its own number.

When the Crystal Pool reaches 100,000 MSKs, the Crystal Pool randomly selects players who are faithful to it to give rewards (30,000 MSKs for the most loyal player, 10 for the most loyal player, 10 for the most brave player, 5,000 for each player).

Players should pay attention to oh, the crystal pool will increase with the increasing number of players, the difficulty of the challenge will be doubled, the reward will be doubled.

Five, how long can Mishkin’s energy stone game last?

(1) American game investment company operation, Nordic professional technical team carefully built, safe and reliable game platform!

(2) All players convertible MSK open and transparent, each item is presented in the platform home page, providing a fair and just game environment!

(3) Each energy stone EGS has its own number. The MSK sent by the crystal pool will inquire the number of each lucky energy stone EGS on the official website.

(4) There is no bubble in the game, the ecosystem can be recycled, a game that can really be played for a lifetime.

(5) With more players participating in the Understanding of the Mish Energy Stone game, the game is a perfect combination of each link, is a long-term stable game.

Six. How to join the energy stone game of the Shi Jin?

(1) enter the official website of the United Kingdom directly, and exchange it for us ($1 =7MSK).

(2) users can use MSK to exchange energy stone EGS.

(3) gamers have MSK and can be exchanged at any time.

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