World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd Introduces UV Printer That Can Directly Print On Any Material Without Coating

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd introduces the UV printer, which features the latest UV printing technology and is capable of printing directly on any surface without a need of coating. The company also supplies coffee printers and t-shirt printers that are remarkable for their special features.

With a variety of advanced printers in their portfolio, Hong Kong based World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd setting a new benchmark in the industry. The company has different types of printers with modern technologies that can be used for a variety of purposes. All these printers are easy to operate and offer a long-lasting performance due to use of advanced components in these printers. From UV printers to coffee printers and T-shirt printers, they have an exhaustive range of printers for different types of clients.

The company spokesperson reveals that they have the mini LED UV printer that can print on any material directly, and there is no need of coating or any other pre-treatment. Unlike a flatbed printer, it uses an LED UV ink and can also print in white. The printer can also be used for printing images with embossed effect, which look highly impressive. The spokesperson states that the ink of this printer dries almost immediately, and which cannot be erased easily thereafter. With its water circulation cooling system, the printer is suitable for a low-temperature operation and ensures a longer UV lamp life. The printer is also remarkable for its high precision printing with up to 1440 dpi resolution. It also comes with the Wi-Fi function and can also easily print on the black surface.

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd Introduces UV Printer That Can Directly Print On Any Material Without Coating

Another remarkable printer that the company can supply is the t-shirt printing machine, which can print A3 size 6-color images. This multi-function flatbed printer requires preheating of the t-shirts for printing good quality images with an enhanced speed. The controller of the printer allows to easily control the temperature while printing images on the t-shirt. The spokesperson states that the printer can easily print an A4 image in around 100 seconds, using a universal ink or a textile ink. The printer features an automatic nozzle cleaning, while the sprinkler needs a manual cleaning.  With a continuous ink supply mechanism, the printer can print smooth and flawless images on the surface of a garment. The printer allows USB 2.0 high speed data transfer and can comply with different operating systems.

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd offers an easy to use coffee printer that uses an edible food ink to print attractive images on the coffee surface. This fully automatic printer is supplied with the customized software and can print images in 5-20 seconds on a cup of coffee. The spokesperson reveals that they supply this printer with two pieces of empty refillable cartridges and USB cable, power cable and an adapter. It can print an object of maximum height of 8-20cm and can automatically adjust the height for printing.

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World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd is a leading company which is registered in Hong Kong and working for solutions of Flatbed Inkjet Printing. The company’s main products include Multifunction Printer, Card Printer, Customized Gift Printer, T-shirt and garments Printer, Food Printer, Hot stamping Printer, 3D Printer and Special Printer. They are specialized in the manufacture and export of the flatbed printer for more than 6 years. They have more than 5 factories in China mainland.

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