eShow Global by CCPIT: to promote international trade and global online marketing

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Beijing Sub-Council has created Show Global, a free online trade show/expo and marketing platform for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to exhibit their products and services. It also has a section for cities to promote local business and tourism to the world. The online platform is free of charge for enterprises and cities to post their products and services in the form of pictures and videos; it also allows users to post links to their own website. It has global distributed cloud hosting servers that solve the problem of access limitation. The free and automatic switch among 50 languages in the system can eliminate language barriers, covering over 80% of the countries and regions in the world. With its long-term cooperation and collaboration with over 400 global news media, eShow Global will help SMEs achieve global visibility, recognition and influence.

As an important supplement to physical exhibitions, CCPIT Beijing hopes that the online platform will help address the adverse impact of cross-border trade faced by SMEs caused by cultural differences among different countries, regions and peoples. There are plans to host a series of special online shows/expo such as “Global Industry Expo”, “Theme Expo”, “Regional Expo” and “City Expo” etc.

eshow global is not only an online trade show/expo without borders, but also highlights enterprises for online self marketing through the system marketing tools supplied by platform, such as social media sharing, targeted product marketing, keywords searching & following etc. therefore SMEs are able to reduce high marketing cost.

Currently the platform is open for businesses and cities to register and upload both graphics and video to the online platform. It will be officially and fully released on September 05th, 2018. Check out the online platform to learn more:

To participate: 1. Log into, 2.Register and activate your account, 3. Release the product (upload images and short videos or post links to website)

For questions or inquiries, please contact:

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