Ultimate Alibi Film Releases This Fall in Theaters

The film producer and actor JB Brown releases a science fiction thriller this fall. The film stars book author and film producer Cedric Nettles.

Columbia, SC, USA – Nationally acclaimed actor and producer JB Brown is nearing the release of his science fiction thriller, “Ultimate Alibi.” (https://youtu.be/BRQ110VbKDw)

Someone’s targeting our celebrities! How do you prove that you didn’t commit a crime when the crime that was committed is someone changing into you? When 16 year old, Dr. Jerry Brooks (Messiah Hales) created his voice simulator and then his cure for cancer he only intended them for good and fun with his younger sister, Erica (Jaysolin Bolton), but a disgruntled hacker combined Jerry’s devices for but evil, as the hacker could then change himself into other people.

JB, who is U.S. Air Force (ret) and originally from Barnwell S.C, has teamed up with history-making football player, Joe Thomas, from Blackville S.C. Brown, along with Sean Maurice Williams and Reggie Freeman from Augusta are veterans of stage and film. Brown has worked with many household names like, Tommy Ford, Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson The Jefferson’s), comedian Rodney Perry & Angie Stone who starred in his movie “To Love The Soul of A Woman.” Brown also appeared on the hit television drama Walker: Texas Ranger.

JB joined forces with actor, filmmaker, and fellow Army veteran, Cedric Nettles who serves as the Entertainment Editor for Exposure Magazine (https://www.exposure-magazine.com). Nettles co- starred as disgruntled scientist, Dr. Timothy Jabrolther in Ultimate Alibi and functioned as Associate Producer. JBStar productions is premiering Ultimate Alibi in Columbia SC September 22nd, 2018 The Midlands Technical College airport auditorium. 1260 Lexington Drive, West Columbia, room 116. Invitees include Mayor Hardee Davis and Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin.

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