Niagara Falls Company Deploys “Spray Bot”, wins National Award

NIAGARA FALLS, NY – United Thermal Systems, a local Niagara Falls company, has won the 2018 National Industry Excellence Award presented by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance for the design and completion of a very unique project.

The work took place in Cazenovia, NY at a local manufacturing business called Marquardt Switches.

Using a Sprayworks Spraybot Robot United Thermal Systems has applied 65,000 lbs of spray foam to a metal roof that was over 77,000 s/f in size – and the results are outstanding.

To begin, they sent up manpower armed with backpack leaf blowers and the roof was dried thoroughly before the foam was applied. A seamless application of foam was then applied to the metal roof using the Spraybot Robot and hand-held windscreens were utilized to protect employee vehicles that remained parked in their typical fashion below. After the foam application, two coats of silicone elastomeric roof coating were applied and 3M Co. ceramic roof granules were embedded into the top layer of coating for extended wear protection.

The work was conducted quickly and without having to interrupt the work flow of the production plant and at no inconvenience to the plant or its workers.

The project proved to be tremendously energy efficient and allowed for energy rebates from NYSERDA reducing the overall cost to the customer. Since installation employees have noted that the working environment was “too cold” and they were able to dial back their cooling systems allowing additional savings.  In addition to the savings of energy, the company no longer experiences “ice damming” at the roof edges due to the insulating factors of the spray foam which previously caused a dangerous situation for their employees.

Marquardt Switches was extremely pleased with the completed roofing application, as such this roofing system is now also being considered for their plants in Massachusetts and Mexico.

This innovative roofing solution was a hybrid of technology and professional expertise and yielded attractive, energy efficient results that were truly award winning making United Thermal Systems, and Niagara Falls a standout on the national stage.

For further information please visit the United Thermal Systems website or contact: Larry Ash, VP United Thermal Systems at (716)285-0216 or

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