Mountain Empire High School Welcomes Incoming Students with Freshman Flight Program

Starting high school is nerve wracking. Everything is new: the campus, the teachers, peers, the subjects, and the opportunities. Mountain Empire High School has been battling these nerves by welcoming incoming freshman with their Freshman Flight program. Entering their fourth year with the program, MEHS’s Freshman Flight is designed to help the incoming class feel welcome and give them the best start to their high school career possible.

During Freshman Flight, the newest Red Hawks are placed together in groups of 10-12 with a few upperclassmen per group, called the Flight Crew, taking charge.  The upperclassmen who are a part of the Flight Crew are nominated by staff of MEHS to lead the tours. The Flight Crew members lead the groups through a series of icebreaker games and take the freshmen on a tour of the school. This not only helps freshmen become familiarized with the school, but also helps them to get to know their peers, some of whom they may not know.

Freshman Flight is important because it puts the freshmen students in a position where they know at least two upperclassmen and a handful of fellow freshmen. The program is also designed to build school spirit and a sense of community amongst the Red Hawks, as students come together under similar circumstances to form groups and bond.    

This year, some of the student leaders are taking extra initiative to assist incoming students, both freshmen and others, in their first weeks at MEHS. High school is not always an easy transition for students, and Freshman Flight, available to all incoming 9th graders, is a successful way for new Mountain Empire High School students to have a successful start to their new high school setting.

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