Isabela Island in the Galapagos: the Next Grander Marlin Destination in the Pacific

Boca Raton, FL — The climate of Isabela Island in the Galapagos makes it the perfect spot to fish for a marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds, also known as a grander marlin. Ecuagringo, a big game fishing outfitter, is giving avid fishermen a chance to explore the waters around the island and make one of these impressive catches.

Blue marlins are distinguished by their dark scales, large size, and heavy bills. They’re a migratory species that thrive in tropical and subtropical areas of the oceans. These fish can weigh in at up to 1,600 pounds, making it a popular sports fish.

Ecuagringo is the fishing company that started the Galapagos Islands marlin fishery in 2000, but they began their operation back in 1999, starting with the island of Santa Cruz. The company has worked to overcome restrictions set by politicians, self-interest groups, and other organizations to allow regulated fishing in the islands. Ecuagringo has expanded since and now operates on a limited basis in Isabela Island, which they hope will become the next major grander marlin fishing destination in the Pacific.

What sets Ecuagringo apart from other marlin fishing groups in the area is that they’re not connected with a middleman. They pride themselves on not being resellers or working on commission. They own, lease, and operate boats with their professional team, most of who are serious sportsmen. When they set up their operation in a destination, they travel there. They train and develop fisheries. They also coordinate lodging, logistics, fishing, and tours to ensure their customers have a successful trip.

Their expansion to Isabela Island is huge for sportsmen looking for a big catch. Isabela is rich with unique animal, bird, and marine life, including some of the biggest blue marlins in the world. Another part of the island’s appeal is the long stretches of stable weather, which is great for fishermen out on the water.

Because of their massive size, marlins provide some of the most exciting fishing opportunities for enthusiasts. While Ecuagringo isn’t the cheapest outfitting option for those looking to explore the waters of Isabela, they claim their quality can’t be beaten. The company says they’re not looking to compete, but rather to share their adventures. Fishermen that want to know what the company has to offer can subscribe to their newsletters and reports through email. They also provide their customers with promotions and special offers from time to time.

The team at Ecuagringo is working to provide options for economical adventurers. Fishermen looking for blue marlin fishing with them will find plenty at the next great grander marlin destination in the Pacific: Isabela Island.

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