Two Easy Ways That You Can Avoid Rock Salt Shortages This Winter

• Last winter saw a severe shortage of rock salt in northern parts of the United States
• Many homes and businesses were without rock salt for part or all of the winter
• There are two easy ways to avoid rock salt shortages – plan ahead and order in bulk

Berkeley, Missouri- Many homes and business had to tackle the snow and ice last winter with no means of melting the ice away and protecting themselves from the possibility of accidents and injuries. This is not the first time that there has been a rock salt shortage in the United States. There have been several previous winters with exhausted rock salt supplies.

Rock Salt USA, a wholesale rock salt supply company in Berkeley, Missouri is taking steps to increase their supplies of rock salt to ensure that their customers are not disappointed. The company believes that there is a very easy way to avoid any rock salt shortages this winter which is to get in early and go for a bulk rock salt order.

Rock Salt USA CEO, Mark Chick, said “in our experience people do not plan ahead when it comes to supplies of rock salt. They either have no rock salt to tackle the winter or run out mid winter. This leads to panic buying and rock salt supply shortages”.

Chick went on to say “our advice is always to plan for the winter and place your order for rock salt well before the winter begins. Customers should consider placing a bulk rock salt order so that they can be confident of having sufficient quantity available to deal with the most extreme winter weather conditions”.

“It happens every year. When winter arrives people realize that they do not have any rock salt and then stores become crowded and the rock salt supply becomes limited. Then there is normally another mid winter rush when people run out of rock salt. If there is a shortage then a lot of people will suffer and increase their risk of accidents” Chick said.

So the advice is clear. Always expect a shortage of rock salt every winter and get in early before the panic buying starts. Consider the benefits of placing a bulk rock salt order so that you can be certain that you will not run out of this ice melting material. Be safe this winter.

Rock Salt USA has been providing high quality rock salt and other ice melt products to customers for over ten years. The company has a team of experts that is able to provide advice on the right type of ice melting product and the correct quantities required. They provide bulk rock salt deliveries within 48 hours.

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