Introducing ‘Smart Mix Player,’ the Intelligent Auto DJ & Radio Automation Software

Delft, The Netherlands – Mart Mix Productions is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative new product, Smart Mix Player, the intelligent auto DJ and radio automation software that plays audio files as a non-stop mix. Created especially for radio stations that play non-stop music, this revolutionary new software can also be used at parties.

Creator Martin Verlaan explains why Smart Mix Player is so unique:

“Smart Mix Player doesn’t work in the same way as traditional auto-DJ software. Most existing players simply mix songs together by fading out and fading in. But Smart Mix Player has the ability to mix songs at precisely the right time. It actually matches the beats to create a smooth and effective transition with every song change.”

According to Verlaan, the software is also unique in that it’s uncomplicated and easy to use for beginners. While most existing DJ software is complex and requires experience to operate, Smart Mix Player automates much of the process.

“It’s the perfect choice for anyone wanting to create an online radio station, or for anyone just wanting to set up a great music mix for a party,” says Verlaan. “Not only will it save you a great deal of time and effort, you’ll also be rewarded with an incredibly professional sounding non-stop mix.”

Smart Mix Player offers a number of compelling features:

  • Songs are mixed at precisely the right moment
  • Beat matching is used to keep the beats synchronized
  • Songs can all played at the same volume
  • Songs with large differences in BPM can be included in the playlist
  • With perfectly harmonic transitions, different vocals or melodies are never  mixed together
  • Jingles can also be added to the mix

“It’s a set-and-forget system,” concludes Verlaan. “Once you’ve set up the system and adjusted the features to your liking, you can play different mixes again and again!”

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About the Company

Founded by Martin Verlaan and headquartered in The Netherlands, Mart Mix Productions develops DJ software and produces professional mixes for radio stations and record companies.

As the author of the highly acclaimed mix music studio project Martmixes, Verlaan has vast experience in the industry.  His unique mixing style is now being showcased in the development of DJ software, notably Smart Mix Player.

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