LeMi Apps Announces 7-Days Price Drop From September on Business Marketing AutoResponder.

An exciting news for a small business looking to automate their business marketing activities, leading app developer LeMi Apps has recently announced a 95% price drop for their groundbreaking small businesses automation app “SMS Marketing Autoresponder” and in addition the limited time only 7-Days Super SALE beginning from September 10.

SMS Marketing AutoResponder,  is the fastest selling app from LeMi Apps, the keyword based Text Message AutoResponder is a unique Android app that allows small business to achieve marketing automation in an easier, more effective and affordable manner. Nowadays, customers want immediate access to information that is relevant to their current activity and easy to access. Texting is one of the most widely available methods of communication that is quick and accessible. Sending a keyword through SMS can be a great way for customers to interact with your business. Keyword-based Text Message AutoResponder is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind, through this easy to use app small businesses  will be able to automatically respond to keyword sent by the customers or potential clients, providing an affordable solution which can translate in to business time saving, and an increase overall sales.

According to LeMi Apps, one of the biggest reason why many small business are not able to business automation solutions due to the high costs, for a mobile marketing txt auto-responder solution there are 3 main costs Short code (phone number) for sending and receiving text messages, a software provider and the messaging cost. To solve the issue of high costs, LeMi Apps developed Business Marketing AutoResponder to reduce costs and increase affordability by removing the need to pay monthly for short code, setup fee and payments per amount of messages sent.  

With the Keyword Autoresponder Android App, businesses will be able to direct people specifically to places where they can spend money, such as:  A link to a reservation page To a product page, To their shopping cart, Offer deals or daily specials, Provide discounts / coupons or send out links to promo videos, download lURLs.

Download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lemi.keywordmarketingautoresponder

About LeMi Apps:

LeMi Apps is a mobile technology company based in Israel. LeMi Apps has been accepted to the Bootstrap track of FbStart, Facebook’s program to help mobile startups succeed. It was chosen “because of impressive development and potential for continued growth”. The LeMi Apps team is made up of skilled application development experts with a passion to create tools that help small business owners and solopreneurs grow.

For more information, please visit: http://www.keywordautosmsmarketing.com/

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