Genaro Network Testnet is Officially Launched!

04 Sep, 2018 –The Genaro Network officially announce the release of the Genaro Testnet! The testnet will deploy the features detailed in the released recently Genaro Yellow Paper to test the relevant functions and of the mainnet will include all the relevant functions and structures of the mainnet. As the launch of the first dual-layer smart data ecosystem with public blockchain and decentralized storage, this official launch will bring a revolutionary new era for cloud storage and a new experience for blockchain DApp developers.

The Genaro Testnet is not very different in essence from the mainnet, which will be launched in the fourth quarter. Because the testnet was built to try out new parameters, to test system stability with reduced risk, it will be best to lay out the full structure of the mainnet. After going through nearly one year of development and internal testing by more than 20 engineers and collaboration with 2 well-known domestic university labs, the Genaro Testnet is officially released on 1 Sep.

The Genaro Network public chain provides an ideal solution to many traditional issues of cloud storage technology and public chain consensus design, such as “security risks”, “data ownership”, “reliability” and “inspection methods”. There is a special focus on security issues. In the design of the onchain PoS consensus, Genaro refers to the famous PoS methods such as Casper (CFFG, CTFG), Tendermint, and Ouroboros.
Analysis of the main attack methods of PoS led to formulation of relevant countermeasures.

During the convergence of PoS and SPoR, Genaro also enhanced the use of file fingerprints (Sentinel) in a way that is more suitable for distributed and available systems, thereby enhancing its ability to withstand replay attacks. In terms of governance structure, Genaro combines the advantages of storing data integrity proof and PoS to design the governance of the chain, and effectively defends the potential problems of PoS through chain governance.

The Genaro Network test chain will also provide theoretical testing for future plans about issues such as whether multiple backups will result in wasted resources, whether there is a penalty mechanism for the shutdown nodes, and whether multi-node distributed storage should monitor and control multiple nodes. The approach is to find as close to perfect a solution as possible for these problems. Once the Genaro test chain is online, developers can build multiple distributed applications (DApps) on the chain and get support from the storage network provided by the Genaro Network.

The launch of the testnet is of great significance to the Genaro Network. It is not only a milestone, but also one of the Genaro Network’s most decisive actions to promote the underlying technology of the blockchain industry. As one of the few teams in China that can develop public chains and put them online to test the network, Genaro has overcome the trilemma of “decentralization, security and scalability” in the development of blockchain. This, the result of much hard work, is truly a solution to market demand.

As Larry Liu, founder of Genaro Network, mentioned in a CCTV interview, “The blockchain’s mission as a distributed ledger has been accomplished. In the next decade, the blockchain will create a smart data ecosystem, and complement it with cloud computation.” Genaro Network, the world’s first Dual-Strata Architecture ecosystem, has taken the first solid step. The value of data is about to be redefined and released, and the future of smart data is just around the corner!

As a global blockchain community, Genaro is committed to sharing its philosophy and technology around the world. Not only does it have a large number of loyal domestic followers, but there are also many supporters from abroad on social media such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The launch of the testnet will be a huge boon to the many followers who care about the Genaro Network.

So, everybody, please pay close attention to the progress of Genaro Network’s Testnet and join our community–let’s make things happen together!

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