AmorNow, the new blockchain powered dating platform enables the user to engage in secure and private relationships

AmorNow is a revolutionary new dating platform based on the blockchain technology that enables the user to engage in secure and private relationships. The use of blockchain leads to better features on the platform such as increased efficiency and fully verified profiles of the users. Unlike the traditional dating platforms with risks of fake profiles, the users on AmorNow can only join after complete profile verification. In addition, the chats on the dating platform are completely secured, the options for screenshot or screen block is disabled, as well as the possibility to copy any text or photo or any other content of the page.

AmorNow has all the major features of a good dating platform plus the advantage of security and privacy offered by the blockchain technology. It provides a convenient platform for the users to find people who share their interests and similar views to the world. The users can interact with each other through the chat option and form a relationship between them. Unlike the real world, this platform is completely private and secure so that anyone can browse freely as per their personal choice and preferences.

As a newly launched dating platform with a great potential for the future, AmorNow invites all the individuals who’re looking for companionship and a partner in life, to join and explore all the benefits of free and unrestricted dating. The added advantage of using this platform is that it overcomes the shortcomings of conventional dating platform and social networks, where there are chances of users with fake profiles and privacy breaches. All the user profiles on this platform are verified using blockchain.  In any case, if a user is bothered by someone they don’t like, they have the option to instantly block that user by different values.

AmorNow’s filter option can be used to block all the pictures with inappropriate content. The website is designed to be user-friendly and provides easy browsing and navigation with intelligent profile search options. Some of the other features of the platform include the ‘viewed profile’ checkbox to remind the user that they have checked the profile of a particular user, free anonymous browsing, smart location filtering and a character minimum that requires initial messages containing more than 100 characters. Furthermore, a 1-minute time-enforced minimum of viewing any profile is necessary to contact the user which leads to better communication.

The un-track-me option enables the user to make certain messages threads private, from the parent dating site that is. The user can also share their views on a post-date comments section. More information about the AmorNow platform and the ongoing ICO can be found on

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