Robot Vacuum Cleaner Purchase Strategy Brands Like German Liectroux Are Preferred

Since the establishment of the robot vacuum cleaner network, we have experienced a variety of robot vacuum cleaners. We have been astonished by excellent artificial intelligence and have been troubled by many robot vacuum cleaners that are not carefully designed. The market of robot vacuum cleaner is unpredictable. And we are well aware that it is not easy to purchase robot vacuum cleaner. This robot vacuum cleaner purchase strategy is written by the very experienced author and hope this purchase strategy can help people buy the most suitable robot vacuum cleaner.

The purchase strategy can be divided into the following steps:

1. Determine the budget and the using scenario;

2. Know the configuration and model;

3. Choose brands and platforms.

Part 1. Determine the budget and using scenarios

There is only relative demand but no absolute product, the suitability is the most important factor. When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you should first determine your own purchasing power. The price of the robot vacuum cleaners range from dozens dollars to several thousand dollars. Of course the expensive ones that have their own value. But it doesn’t mean that the products that has affordable price has no good cleaning performance. Like the previous 2018 robot vacuum cleaner review, the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is a great cost-effective product. (You can view the website: or ). In addition, the cost-effective king of Xiaomi also takes the intimate route. So the first step is to determine your own budget. For ordinary household cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner in the price range of $147-$735 is more than enough, but it is necessary to consider other factors.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Purchase Strategy Brands Like German Liectroux Are Preferred 

The determination of the use scenario is also very important. What kind of material is the floor of the house, is it tile or the wooden floor. The most needed garbage that mostly needed to be cleaned is hair, dust or other sundries. And whether the terrain of the house is ups and downs.  Considering all these factors to determine the use scenario enables people to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner in a targeted way. To choose the Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner, which is very versatile in all aspects. Or the Ecovacs DN33 robot vacuum cleaner, which is excellent in cleaning hair. Or the expensive iRobot 980 robot vacuum cleaner. Only when the using scenario is determined and then to purchase and you can take less detours and choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a higher matching degree with your own needs.

Part2 Learn about models and configurations

After you have determined your budget and using scenarios and  basically determine your needs. Then you need to know the model and configuration according to your own needs. The configuration of the model is complicated. People can know the configuration of a robot vacuum cleaner from several parameters. The application of intelligent  technology, size and weight, battery service life, noise, suck and sweep combined, wet and dry mopping technology, dustbin capacity. These parameters are designed to match your needs and there is a general direction after matching the needs. Of course, people will not fully understand the user experience by simply look at the parameters on the Internet. After all, parameters are only one aspect of configuration. The users’ focus should still be attributed to the actual review and performance of the robot vacuum cleaner. According to the experience of the author, compared with the comparison of specifications, it is more important to put the focus on the cleaning rate and the intelligence degree. In addition, consumers should also be concerned about practical problems such as obstacles and noise. The robot vacuum cleaner market is quite a mixed bag, with joys and sorrows, and the cleaning rate is also uneven. The review report of China Consumers Association and 2018 robot vacuum cleaner review can be used as an important reference for robot vacuum cleaner purchase strategy.

Part 3 Choose brands and platforms

The importance of robot vacuum cleaner brands is needless to say. There are three most important reasons for that. The first-line brand design and fine workmanship, the after-sales service system is perfect, and the actual performance will be much better. Like the military-born Liectroux, possessing the fine German military quality as always. In addition to Dyson, Ecovacs, iRobot, Philips, Xiaomi, etc. are all the good brand of robot vacuum cleaners. Regardless of the aspects of workmanship and quality, the level of intelligence and actual cleaning, those brands are generally better than other niche brands. Therefore, for the sake of insurance, the first-line brands are given priority, and the top ten brands of robot vacuum cleaners and the top ten rankings of robot vacuum cleaners can be used as reference. The brand is very important, and the consumer’s reputation is also very important. After all, it is the most direct use feedback. So please try to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner with the best reputation.

Summary: There is no absolute machine but no relative demand. The core of the robot vacuum cleaner purchase strategy is still the matching degree. The perfect match between the demand and the product. So knowing your budget and needs, finding the right model and configuration, and choosing the brand and then buying the machine. In this way, you can safely purchase a robot vacuum cleaner that is suitable and reliable.

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