Lyapko introduces world-famous unique acupuncture applicators to US market with new website

Lyapko brings in its exclusive cutting edge acupuncture applicator products for the American market that assure excellent anti-aging, stress-relief and other healing benefits naturally and in a shorter time.

NY, September 4, 2018: Lyapko is pleased to announce its recent foray into the US market with new website especially designed for the American market. The leading Ukranian company is internationally acclaimed for its unique acupuncture applicator products which have proven to offer multiple natural healing benefits including stress-relief, anti-aging, anti-cellulite effects and faster relief from acute pain.  

The Lyapko applicators can be used by both adults and children alike.



“We are excited to step into the US market with our website this month. Our cutting edge acupuncture applicators have helped millions around the world to enjoy a stress-free and pain-free life naturally and now we are glad to bring those amazing benefits to our American users as well. Engineered with latest technology, our exclusive applicators have proven to offer a number of health benefits in a shorter time including reduced pain, increased healing, speedy metabolism, more regulated blood circulation, anti-cellulite results and many more”, stated Dr. Lyapko, senior doctor-acupuncturist andthe founder of Lyapko. 

Lyapko is extending its entire range of applicators for the US market including rollers, plates, belts and other applicators like acupuncture balls. Designed with special medical technology, Lyapko applicators help users to unlock the hidden powers of self-healing in their own body. These state of the art applicators enables users to enjoy a rewarding self-massage on all the neuro-centers which beautifully emulates the exact relaxing effect of a professional spa- yet at the comfort of your home and for FREE. 


What’s special about these applicators is the latest acupuncture technology they embody. The Lyapko rubber rollers or plates are made with uniquely in-built needles which are further manufactured with important metals crucial for human body. These include copper, zinc, nickel, silver and iron. The rubber base features restricted ledges around needles and along edges of applicators to enhance reliability and steadiness of the needles. 

“Our applicators are strategically designed to protect your skin from injury while supporting you with healing benefits. So whether you roll on them or plan to use them as a personal massager, you will stay unharmed all through.”


The Lyapko applicators are available in various dimensions, step (distance between needles) and methods of fixation. 

“We take into account user’s unique cutaneous sensitivity and needed stimulation intensity before choosing the most suitable applicator step for him or her.”

Lyapko products are suitable for pregnant women as well. These unique applicators have shown to generate excellent relief from pregnancy-related stress and pains. 

“Our products are completely safe to be used during pregnancy. However, we generally suggest applicators with small steps for would-be mothers.”

All the Lyapko products are delivered with special packaging to ensure the customers receive them in perfect pin-packed condition.

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