Don Ake Pens New Humor Book “Will There Be Free Appetizers?”

Don Ake, has released his second humor book titled “Will There Be Free Appetizers?”

Don Ake’s wacky, sharp sense of humor is on rampant display in his new book, Will There Be Free Appetizers. The Northeast Ohio resident is a graduate of the University of Akron, where he began writing humor for the student newspaper. Ake has become popular for his writings thanks to his Ake’s Pains humor blog. He generated plenty of laughs with his debut book titled “Just Make Me A Sammich,” which was a Reader Choice Silver Award winner in 2016. Ake has followed that up with the recently released humor book – “Will There Be Free Appetizers?”.

His new book is a collection of short essays detailing Ake’s irreverent perspective on everyday life. He uses his unique perspectives as a middle-age baby boomer to provide plenty of chuckles from cover-to-cover. It begins with a discourse on the etiquette of free appetizers, which explains the title. Some of the other interesting life issues addressed in the book include:

• Should drinking exquisite cappuccino be more important than your job?
• What happens when your wife catches you on the couch with a beautiful woman.
• What should you do when someone passes gas at a business meeting?
• How eating scones can give you a superiority complex.
• Why do men wear their Speedos on the beach?
• Why you should never show photographs of past gorgeous girlfriends to your wife.
• Why men are obsessed with the size of their televisions.

The book is an “easy read” due to its short-essay format and laugh-out-loud humor. It is a great vacation/beach book or even a “bathroom” book. The book is available on Amazon and other on-line retailers. Signed copies are available at

About Don Ake
Don Ake is a writer and analyst/economist working in the trucking industry. He has been able to express his humorous side through his clever, witty, and totally entertaining writings. He started writing humor columns in college and began writing his popular Ake’s Pains blog in 2011. He released his first humor book, “Just Make Me A Sammich” in 2015 and followed it up with “Will There Be Free Appetizers” in 2018.

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