Sky Dispensaries Offers Unique Packaging For Medical Cannabis

Sky Dispensaries offers packaging designed to keep its high quality medical marijuana fresh throughout the entire distribution process. The firm utilizes a nitrogen-sealed can, unique in the industry.

Sky Dispensaries is pleased to announce that it is the only medical marijuana dispensary which uses cans to distribute medical cannabis products in Arizona. The company has a mission of educating and innovating in a process of contributing to the health and well-being of patients. The firm provides the highest quality products, best customer service and setting the standard of being recognized as a leader in the industry.

With three physical locations, as well as an online presence, the company has a goal of creating a revolutionary brand and an iconic industry standard. The founders have skills as entrepreneurs, creators, agricultural specialists and technologists. The company’s goal is to provide high quality products that maintain both consistency and freshness, which is why each location uses the nitrogen-sealed cans unique packaging process.

The nitrogen-sealed cans packaging process has many benefits that the customer can expect from a high quality dispensary like Sky Dispensaries:

1. There are two factors that cause product to dry out or degrade: light and oxygen. The nitrogen eliminates the oxygen factor, and the sealed steel can eliminates the light factor.
2. The can ensures product freshness for up to two years. (Although it is recommended to use the product within 7 days after opening – just like any fresh product.)
3. The sealed can also makes the product tamper-proof and is factory sealed until opened. It’s tamper evident.
4. The can eliminates the chance of buds getting crushed or damaged.
5. The cans are smell-proof, waterproof, and recyclable.
6. This is the same process that’s used when a can of Pepsi, a bag of Doritos, or a jar of mayo is produced.

According to a company spokesperson, “Sky Dispensaries was established to be a major presence in the emerging Arizona market, as well as becoming a recognized authority in education across the nation. At the same time, we continue to strive for expanded extraction and invention boundaries.”

The company personnel are knowledgeable and dedicated to the well-being of patients in need of medical cannabis medication solutions. The firm has partnered with the top manufacturers in the business in order to provide patients the best results. The products are cultivated and curated to result in products which are of the highest quality. The entire experience of utilizing the line of products has been carefully designed and crafted.

For further information about the company and its products, visit or the company blog which contains helpful educational information. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release should contact Sky Dispensaries at the location provided below.

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