“Pinduoduo” mode appears in blockchain industry, VSLuck the new blockchain-based crowd buying e-commerce platform

With the rise of blockchain industry, cryptocurrency investment has increasingly become a popular choice among the community.

Since last year, there has been an interesting phenomenon. While everyone thinks that the benefit from traffic and visibility is less and less, there are some applications rapidly expand the market share with the excellent marketing strategy. Pinduoduo might be the most successful one. Only three years, the yearly turn overreached 29 billion USD. “Buy together to make the products cheaper” is the core competency of Pinduoduo, its proved to be the successful business model.

While the “Pinduoduo” model is popular in the e-commerce industry, the blockchain is also beginning to explore this mode, trying to integrate cryptocurrency with crowd buying, so that cryptocurrency and blockchain are attainable. Recently, there is a new project called “VSLuck”, which grabbed the attention of the finance market. The VSLuck platform, the new blockchain-based crowd buying e-commerce platform, is the practice of crypto+crowd buying. It is one of the highest potential projects of 2018.

Making cryptocurrency attainable 

With the rise of blockchain industry, cryptocurrency investment has increasingly become a popular choice among the community. However, the contradiction is apparent as well. Although the opportunity of cryptocurrency is appealing, the violent movement of price becomes a huge concern for those investors who plan to enter the market. Even the risks of buying Bitcoin and Ethereum are much higher than any other investment. 

Take a close look at the trend of bitcoin. November 2010, Bitcoin prices were only $0.50; on June 8, 2011, it rose to $31.91; in April 2013, it soared to $265; in December 2013, bitcoin prices It reached $1,147 then crashed to $330 ; at the from 2017, explosive growth of bitcoin even touched $20,000. Now Bitcoin is called the digital gold. VSLuck offers a brand new investment solution with low threshold, offers the customer a chance to purchase “cheap gold”.

VSLuck is the first cryptocurrency crowd buying platform. It aims to lower the purchase cost of blockchain assets with a model of offering customer chance to get the high-value asset with at a small cost. The business model meets the majority of customers’ need.  Usually, it takes thousands of dollars to buy one BTC on a regular exchange, now one BTC can be purchased with 1 dollar on VSLuck.

New Investment model 

The core value of VSLuck is crowd buying. With the blockchain technology, VSLuck divides crypto asset into small portion and allow users to join the buying process. The users have the chance to buy with 10%, 5% or even lower price to buy.

The new non-sum zero game. Shopping? Investing!

VSLuck’s business model is not the traditional shopping model, and the Transaction Mining is another big part of VSLuck. In VSLuck, users are not only customers but also investor. Spending becomes investments.

When you buy goods at Walmart, will Walmart offer you dividends? Definitely Not!!!

When you have good experience in a shop and introduce your friends to shop there, will the merchants offer you dividends? The answer also is NO! 

However, at VSLuck, the answers are YES! The users could be buyers, the affiliate program is beneficial for the users, and the users also could be the merchant in VSLuck platform. Besides all these, every shopping will be rewarded with the platform token – Luck. The value increasement and dividend will be very profitable. The VSLuck provides users multi-dimensional solutions for crypto investment & crypto asset value growth.  

VSLuck will officially launch soon! There will be promotion event for the early joiners, let’s looking forward to it!

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