DNAtix releases an updated version of its open source DNA Compression Tool

Anonymous transfer of genetic data on the blockchain just got a step closer.

TEL AVIV, Israel – September 5th, 2018 – Digital DNAtix Ltd., the genetics blockchain company, released an updated version of its open-source DNA Compression tool to GitHub. While the first version supported only Windows the new tool which is Java based supports most common operating systems (multiplatform). It is almost impossible to transfer genetic data with current blockchain technologies due to size constrains. Users can now compress DNA Sequences and reduce their size by 75%. DNAtix is making the compression tool open source to advance cutting-edge personalized and preventive medicine.

The size of the diploid human genome which is composed of 6 Billion nucleotides (letters) is approximately 1.5 Gigabytes (found in two copies in almost all cells). So far DNAtix was successful in transferring the DNA sequence of a virus on the Ethereum blockchain and more recently an entire chromosome on the Hyperledger Fabric.

“We believe that data size is one of the main challenges to deal with when it comes to development of a dedicated genetic blockchain. Current blockchain technologies are focused more on speed of the transections rather than on their size. DNAtix is aiming at solving these challenges, and this compression tool for genetic data is just one example for our approach,” added Ofer A. Lidsky the CEO & CTO of the DNAtix.


The concept of the compression tool relies on the fact that DNA is represented by four letters, that could be stored by using only 2 bits instead of 8 bits, hence, using 75% less bits for each letter of the DNA.

This tool is now available for most common operating systems and DNAtix is now working on getting to significantly higher compression levels.

Link to GitHub repository: https://github.com/DNAtix/Compression-Tool-Multi-Platform


DNAtix is developing the future ecosystem for Genetics which is Blockchain based and includes some cutting edge new innovative ideas and technologies. With two successful proof of concept experiments already completed for transferring DNA sequences over the blockchain and working prototype of the genetic wallet, DNAtix is leading the world of Genetic blockchain: www.dnatix.com

SOURCE: Digital DNAtix Ltd.

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