It’s hard for an international student to get a job in Australia


The Asian Talent fair was recently held in Sydney, Australia with 50 employers offering more than 130 positions. However, getting a proper job was still not easy for international students.  

After international students finish their studies in Australia, it may difficult for them to find a suitable job here.

Maggie, a postgraduate majoring in media, She said: “I couldn’t get a full-time job in this Fair.”

“The employer refused to sign the contract with me because I did not have a permanent residence card or a work visa.” Maggie said.

Maggie came to Australia in 2016 for a further study and will graduate this year. She has waited for a long time after sending many emails, but there has been no reply yet.

“Though I spend twice as much money as the local student to study in Australia, I also can’t get a work visa in here. I have to do another master degree to get more time if I want to get a work visa. Many of my classmates have already done it. But, media is not a major that can help you immigrate, therefore getting more time doesn’t work.” Maggie said.

In addition, other international students also have the similar situation. Yang Liu have a two-year work visa, majoring in engineering, still can’t find a major-related job. He said that language and Permanent residence permit is the biggest challenges in getting a job.

In terms of this situation, Ann, head of Australia Commodity Department in this fair, said, “You can do it without Permanent residence currently, but you must have a legal work visa. Jobseekers have to get a Permanent residence throught their own way before the visa expiration date. We prefer a long-term employment relationship because frequent personnel changes have a great influence on our daily work. Though we are qualified to keep employees staying, we can’t do it because of the changes in the immigration policy.”

According to the reports from Hobsons Solutions, international students contribute $19 billion per year to Australia economy, but only 34% of the employers are able to make international students offers.

Most universities host job fairs and employment services for students. For example at UNSW, the colleges have a talent fair twice a year offering all kind of positions. At the same time, they can hold small fairs for some specific majors, which is much more beneficial to the students.

A UNSW university staff member says UNSW set up a website platform sending recruitment information from enterprises. It’s easy for the students to visit the web at any time. They also have comprehensive policies to help international students find proper jobs in Australia. For example, there is a special department in the school for one-on-one free job-hunting skills consulting, resume modification, cover letter modification and so on.

Moreover, CSU’s international student Association also provides good help for international students. It has free employability workshop. The council of international students Australia also provides some employment information and organizes some activities to international students.

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