Hurwitz Law Group Meeting Uptick In Need For Criminal Defense Attorneys In California

Los Angeles, CA – For many people in California, the months following a DUI or other felony charges can be especially stressful. Whether it’s dealing with a restraining order, domestic violence issues, a DUI or other criminal acts, it’s important to have a lawyer who is fluent in California law. But in California, there has been an uptick in the number of clients who have been able to resolve a case with the help of Hurwitz Law Group.

The team at Hurwitz Law Group looks in-depth into any misdemeanor or criminal action being taken against its clients. The team begins with an honest consultation and investigation into the task at hand. Once the team establishes a case, they fight for their clients’ rights and make sure that the client receives a fair day in court.

Hurwitz Law Group is well versed in the three strikes law in California and educates its clients on all steps that need to be taken when building a case. To learn more about the important things to look for in a good criminal defense attorney visit Hurwitz Law Group for more information.

Owner Brian Hurwitz is a practiced attorney who handles all of the cases he takes on personally. He comes with years of experience inside courts throughout the Los Angeles area which has allowed him to develop extensive relationships with a variety of prosecutors and judges around the county. He is known for always keeping his clients in the loop and is at the ready to answer any questions a client may have, even if that question should come up at night or on the weekend.

Past and current clients of Hurwitz Law Group agree that he and his team are persistent, determined and fearless when it comes to fighting for client’s rights. Clients also attest that Brian is reassuring and calm about all situations and keeps the reassurance coming throughout the entire legal process, helping clients through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Clients frequently recommend the law group to friends and family as being one of the best criminal defense attorneys around. Even first time offenders who have never faced jail time have the upmost of faith in Brian and his team.

With the help of Hurwitz Law Group, more California residents are finding resolutions to criminal proceedings with an experienced and knowledgeable legal team.

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